Casual Worker definition

Casual Worker means a worker engaged by the hour and who may be dismissed or leave the employer's service at any moment without notice and except as hereinafter provided shall not be engaged for more than 30 hours per week in ordinary hours.
Casual Worker means a worker engaged and paid as such. A Casual Worker shall receive a loading of twenty per cent in addition to the ordinary rate.
Casual Worker means a worker who the Board considers works on an ad hoc basis as required by the Employer and not on a regular or continuing basis;

Examples of Casual Worker in a sentence

  • A "Casual Worker" shall mean a worker who is engaged and paid as such.

  • Where it is decided that the school requires the engagement of a casual worker, the Casual Worker Policy will be followed.

  • Grace is intent upon the task of equipping each student to face an increasingly complex, confused, and chaotic world.

  • A Part Time Worker shall receive pro rata entitlement to annual leave, sick leave and public holidays in the same proportion as the number of hours worked per week bears to thirty-eight hours.(5) "Casual Worker" shall mean a worker engaged and paid as such.

  • The subject Casual Worker shall be required to sign a receipt of acknowledgement of each payment.

More Definitions of Casual Worker

Casual Worker means a worker specifically engaged as such for a specified period of time less than one month.
Casual Worker means a person employed on a day-to-day basis who is paid a daily wage and who does not work more than 24 hours a month.
Casual Worker means a worker engaged on a work which is seasonal or intermittent and not for a continuous period of more than six months and whose remuneration is calculated on a daily basis.
Casual Worker means an individual engaged for incidental, occasional,
Casual Worker means a worker whose terms of engagement provide for the workerʼs payment at the end of each dayʼs work and who is not re-engaged within the 24 hour period immediately following the payment;
Casual Worker means a worker who is engaged to work for less than four weeks or a worker referred to in subclause (2) of clause 16. - Casual and Part-Time Workers of this award.
Casual Worker means one who will work on an as required basis but is not a Sessional Instructor, Short-term employee, Part-time employee or Full-time employee. A Casual Worker shall be a member of the bargaining unit but shall be covered by only those articles of the Collective Agreement expressly set out in Article 41.