Cabinet definition

Cabinet. ’ means the body of the national executive described in section 91 of the Constitution;
Cabinet means the Transportation Cabinet;

Examples of Cabinet in a sentence

  • See Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 280, 17 April 2013, para.

  • The apparent low Bidder will be required to submit EEO forms to the Division of Construction Procurement, which will then forward to the Finance and Administration Cabinet for review and approval.

  • For questions or assistance please contact the Finance and Administration Cabinet by email or by phone at 502-564-2874.

  • Bidders currently certified as being in compliance by the Finance and Administration Cabinet may submit a copy of their approval letter in lieu of the referenced EEO forms.

  • Resolved - That the use of the Urgent Cabinet Decision Procedure be noted.

More Definitions of Cabinet

Cabinet means the Finance and Administration Cabinet;
Cabinet means the Energy and Environment Cabinet;
Cabinet means the Revenue Cabinet;
Cabinet means a small box-like or rectangular structure used to facilitate utility or wireless service from within the Municipal Right-of-Way.
Cabinet means the Cabinet constituted under this Constitution;
Cabinet means the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet;