Borrowing Base Certificates definition

Borrowing Base Certificates means for purposes of calculating the Availability under the Line of Credit, (a) prior to a Leverage Ratio Event, a certificate delivered by the Borrowers to the Bank in the form attached hereto as Schedule A setting forth the information and calculations provided therein for the Borrowers on a consolidated basis; and (b) following a Leverage Ratio event, either the certificate referred to in the preceding clause (a) or, at the direction of the Bank as contemplated by Section 5 above, a substitute borrowing base certificate for purposes of determining the Availability under the Line of Credit as contemplated by such Section 5 above.

Examples of Borrowing Base Certificates in a sentence

  • Electronic mail and internet websites may be used only for routine communications, such as financial statements, Borrowing Base Certificates and other information required by Section 10.1.2, administrative matters, distribution of Loan Documents for execution, and matters permitted under Section 4.1.4. Agent and Lenders make no assurances as to the privacy and security of electronic communications.

  • The Borrowers hereby empower and authorize the Borrower Representative, on behalf of the Borrowers, to execute and deliver to the Administrative Agent and the Lenders the Loan Documents and all related agreements, certificates, documents, or instruments as shall be necessary or appropriate to effect the purposes of the Loan Documents, including, without limitation, the Borrowing Base Certificates and the Compliance Certificates.

  • To the extent Agent receives financial statements required under Sections 9.7, 9.8, 9.9, 9.12 and 9.13 or Borrowing Base Certificates from any Borrower pursuant to the terms of this Agreement which any Borrower is not obligated to deliver to each Lender, Agent will promptly furnish such documents and information to Lenders.

  • Lender shall determine if daily electronic reporting reconciled monthly may substitute for monthly Export-Related Borrowing Base Certificates.

  • Each Borrower hereby agrees that such Borrower shall furnish promptly after each fiscal month to the Borrower Representative a copy of its Borrowing Base Certificate and any other certificate or report required hereunder or requested by the Borrower Representative on which the Borrower Representative shall rely to prepare the Borrowing Base Certificates and Compliance Certificate required pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Borrowing Base Certificates

Borrowing Base Certificates will mean the certificates to be provided to the Agent by the Company pursuant to Section 9.4 of this Second Restated Credit Agreement.
Borrowing Base Certificates means the certificates delivered by Borrowers pursuant to Sections 8.1(x), 8.1(y) and 9.10 hereof, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit 9.10, or such other form as may be reasonably acceptable to Agent.
Borrowing Base Certificates means a report of the Borrower, in the form required by the Bank, certified as true and correct by a responsible officer of the Borrower. Permitted Indebtedness (§4(a)):
Borrowing Base Certificates means a U.S. Borrowing Base Certificate, a Canadian Borrowing Base Certificate, a German Borrowing Base Certificate, and a U.K. Borrowing Base Certificate. British Pounds or £: the lawful currency of the United Kingdom.
Borrowing Base Certificates means, collectively, the Revolving Facility Borrowing Base Certificate and the Term Loan Borrowing Base Certificate.