Beneficial Ownership Certificate definition

Beneficial Ownership Certificate. The meaning specified in Section 14.2(e).
Beneficial Ownership Certificate shall have the meaning specified in Section 16.03(e).

Examples of Beneficial Ownership Certificate in a sentence

  • In addition, when permitted under this Indenture, the Issuer, the Trustee and the Collateral Manager shall be entitled to rely upon any certificate of ownership provided to the Trustee by a beneficial owner of a Note (including a Beneficial Ownership Certificate or a certificate in the form of Exhibit C) and/or other forms of reasonable evidence of such ownership as to the names and addresses of such beneficial owner and the Classes, principal amounts and CUSIP numbers of Notes beneficially owned thereby.

  • At any time, upon request of the Issuer, the Collateral Manager or the Initial Purchaser, the Trustee shall provide such requesting Person a copy of each Beneficial Ownership Certificate that the Trustee has received.

More Definitions of Beneficial Ownership Certificate

Beneficial Ownership Certificate means a certification regarding beneficial ownership required by the Beneficial Ownership Regulation, which certification shall be substantially similar in form and substance to the form of Certification Regarding Beneficial Owners of Legal Entity Customers published jointly, in May 2018, by the Loan Syndications and Trading Association and Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.
Beneficial Ownership Certificate means, for the Borrower, a certificate in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent (as amended or modified by the Administrative Agent from time to time in its reasonable discretion) and each requesting Lender, regarding beneficial ownership of the Borrower as required by the Beneficial Ownership Regulation.
Beneficial Ownership Certificate means a certificate, for each Loan Party, acceptable to Lender in its Discretion, certifying, among other things, the Beneficial Owner of each Loan Party.
Beneficial Ownership Certificate means a certificate regarding beneficial ownership as required by the Beneficial Ownership Regulation. “Beneficial Ownership Regulation” means 31 C.F.R. § 1010.230.
Beneficial Ownership Certificate a certification regarding beneficial ownership as required by the Beneficial Ownership Regulation. 4 Sunshine (National) – Credit Agreement
Beneficial Ownership Certificate means, with respect to any Person, a certification by a Responsible Officer of such Person, regarding the beneficial ownership of such Person required by the Beneficial Ownership Regulation.