B Notes definition

B Notes means each of Note B-1 and Note B-2.
B Notes means each Note that has a designation starting with “B”, either individually or in the aggregate as the context may require.
B Notes means each of Note B-1-1, Note B-1-2, Note B-1-3, Note B-1-4, Note B-2-1, Note B-2-2, Note B-2-3, Note B-2-4, Note B-3-1, Note B-3-2, Note B-3-3, Note B-3-4, Note B-4-1, Note B-4-2, Note B-4-3 and Note B-4-4.

Examples of B Notes in a sentence

  • By purchasing the Class B Notes, Holders agree to treat such Class B Notes as notional principal contracts for U.S. federal income tax purposes (except for U.S. withholding tax purposes) and, as a result, as (i) a deemed loan and (ii) an on-market swap, each of which is tax accounted for in the manner described in the Offering Circular, unless such Holders are required to treat the Class B Notes in some other manner pursuant to a Final Tax Determination.

  • Furthermore, the holders of any of the Class A Notes, the Class B Notes, the Class C Notes or the Class D Notes in the form of CM Non-Voting Exchangeable Notes or CM Non-Voting Notes are disenfranchised in respect of any CM Removal Resolution or CM Replacement Resolution.

  • A minimum of 5.0% of the net economic interest will be retained on an ongoing basis in form of retention of the Class B Notes and Subordinated Loan.

  • With respect to each of the Original Class M Notes, the Class B Notes and the MAC Notes, such reporting information shall be in a form substantially similar to, and include the information listed in, the sample forms provided in Exhibit J attached hereto.

  • The Class M-1, Class M-2, Class M-3A, Class M-3B and Class B Notes.

More Definitions of B Notes

B Notes means each of Note B-1, Note B-2 and Note B-3, as further described on the Mortgage Loan Schedule.
B Notes. As defined in the Introductory Statement.
B Notes means the original executed subordinated note or other evidence of a subordinated interest with respect to a Mortgage Loan or a Mezzanine Loan (to which the applicable representations and warranties in Clause 17.13 (Collateral; Collateral Security) hereof are correct).
B Notes means a collective reference to each B Note.
B Notes has the meaning provided in the recitals hereto.
B Notes means the Issuer’s Series 45 Tranche B GBP 4,650,000 Pass Through Notes due 2017 Linked to Eirles Two Limited Series 318 GBP 159,650,000 Fixed Rate Secured Credit Linked Notes due 2017.All amounts received by the Custodian on behalf of the Issuer in respect of the Collateral in accordance with the terms thereof shall be deposited in the Deposit Account and shall be paid to Noteholders in accordance with Priority of Payments (as defined below) and Other Priority (as defined below) on the next Interest Payment Date or, as the case may be the Maturity Date or the Mandatory Redemption Date. The Custodian shall maintain the Deposit Account (the “Deposit Account”) with Deutsche Bank AG, acting through its London Branch (the “Deposit Bank”) on the terms that amounts standing to the credit of the Deposit Account shall earn the rates of interest prevailing from time to time for time- deposits with such terms as shall be selected in the absolute discretion of the Custodian. (2) Condition 4.5(A) (Replacement of Collateral) will not apply to the Notes. (3) Condition 4.5(B) (Substitution of Collateral) will not apply to the Notes. The Trust Instrument provides that the Trustee will be deemed to release the security over the Collateral (or the relevant part thereof, including any amounts held by the Custodian in the Deposit Account) to the extent required, inter alia, to make payments by the Issuer to Noteholders in respect of principal or interest in accordance with the Terms and the Conditions of the Notes and the Terms and Conditions of the B Notes, including Priority of Payments and Other Priority. (4) The Trust Instrument provides that the Trustee will be deemed to release from the security created by the Trust Instrument the Collateral (or, as the case may be, a proportion of the Collateral) if any Notes are to be purchased by the Issuer pursuant to Condition 8.5 (as amended by paragraph 30 below), to enable the Collateral (or the relevant part thereof) to be sold in accordance with Condition 8.5 (as amended). (5) The Trustee shall apply all moneys received by it under the Trust Instrument in connection with the realisation or enforcement of the security constituted by or pursuant to the Trust Instrument on the basisof Other Priority (as set out in Schedule 1). (6) Condition 4.6 (Purchase of Collateral maturing after the Maturity Date) will not apply to the Notes. (7) The Selling Agent is Deutsche Bank AG, acting through its London branch. 20. Swap Agreement: Not ...
B Notes. ’ means subordinated mortgage loans or notes secured by mortgage loans that are subordinated to at least one class of senior notes.