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MAC Notes. The Classes of Modifiable And Combinable STACR® Notes shown on
MAC Notes means the Classes of Modifiable And Combinable STACR Notes set forth on Exhibit A to the Exchange Administration Agreement, which are exchangeable for Exchangeable Notes, as described in the Exchange Administration Agreement and which represent interests in the Exchangeable Notes.
MAC Notes means the Classes of Modifiable And Combinable STACR® Notes shown on Exhibit A.

Examples of MAC Notes in a sentence

  • The Interest Only MAC Notes are not entitled to receive payments of principal.

  • Pursuant to the terms of the Global Agency Agreement, the Global Agent shall calculate the Class Coupons for the applicable Classes of Notes (including MAC Notes on which the Exchange Administrator has directed the Global Agent to make payments) for each Accrual Period (after the first Accrual Period) on the applicable LIBOR Adjustment Date.

  • The Global Agent acts solely as a fiscal agent of Xxxxxxx Mac with respect to the Original Notes (and of the Exchange Administrator with respect to the MAC Notes) and does not assume any obligation or relationship of agency or trust for or with any Holder of an Original Note, except that any moneys held by the Global Agent for payment on an Original Note shall be held in trust for the Holder.

  • The entity selected by Xxxxxxx Mac to act as its global, calculating, transfer, authenticating and paying agent for the Original Notes, which as of the Closing Date is U.S. Bank, and who will act as calculating, authenticating and paying agent with respect to the MAC Notes pursuant to the direction of the Exchange Administrator.

  • On each Payment Date on or prior to the Termination Date, the Class Principal Balance of each Class of Original Notes will be increased (in each case without regard to any exchanges of Exchangeable Notes for MAC Notes) by the amount of the increase, if any, in the Class Notional Amount of the Corresponding Class of Reference Tranche due to the allocation of Tranche Write-up Amounts to such Class of Reference Tranche on such Payment Date pursuant to Section 3.03(c) above.

  • A class of Original Notes or MAC Notes issued under this Agreement or a class of Reference Tranche established under this Agreement, as the case may be.

  • In the event that Class M Notes have been exchanged for MAC Notes, Holders of such MAC Notes will be entitled to exercise all the voting or direction rights that are allocated to such exchanged Class M Notes as described herein.

  • Pursuant to the procedures and fees set forth in the Exchange Administration Agreement, the Class M Notes may be exchanged, in whole or in part, for MAC Notes at any time on or after the Initial MAC Notes Issuance Date.

  • Appendix II describes the characteristics of the MAC Classes and the available Combinations of Class M Notes and MAC Notes.

  • Exchanges of Class M Notes for MAC Notes, and vice versa, may occur repeatedly pursuant to the procedures set forth in the Exchange Administration Agreement.

More Definitions of MAC Notes

MAC Notes. The Classes of Modifiable And Combinable STACR® Notes shown on Appendix II.

Related to MAC Notes

  • A Notes means each Note that has a designation starting with “A”, either individually or in the aggregate as the context may require.

  • DTC Notes means Notes cleared, settled and maintained on the DTC System, registered in the name of a nominee of DTC. All of the Notes will be DTC Notes at issuance.

  • Subordinated Notes shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • Class B Notes means any one of the Notes executed by the Issuer and authenticated by or on behalf of the Indenture Trustee, substantially in the form of Exhibit A-2.