Auxiliary services definition

Auxiliary services means guidance, counseling and testing
Auxiliary services means any auxiliary services established or designated under section 17(1);
Auxiliary services means those services necessary to safely and reliably:

Examples of Auxiliary services in a sentence

  • In addition to the normal duties and responsibilities attached to the service of loading/unloading covered wagons, the contractor shall also perform all other Auxiliary services incidental to handling of open wagons.

  • Section 2 of Article 8 of the Michigan Constitution specifically prohibits public schools from supporting the basic program of nonpublic schools with the exception of “auxiliary services.” Auxiliary services to nonpublic school pupils are described in section 380.1296 of the Revised School Code [MCL 380.1296].

More Definitions of Auxiliary services

Auxiliary services means services that reasonably accommodate a person with a disability and ensure equal access to service delivery (e.g., readers, interpreters, note-takers, computer assisted realtime captioning (CART), etc.). Auxiliary services may be necessary to assist a customer with the completion of a substantial service.
Auxiliary services means those aids and services that assist
Auxiliary services shall not include warehousing services or services provided by eShipping, of which are governed by separate terms and conditions of service.
Auxiliary services means "compensatory education services for the improvement of students' . . . communication skills; supportive services for acquiring communication proficiency in the English language for children of limited English-speaking ability; and home instruction services." N.J.S.A. 18A:46A-2(c). "Compensatory education services" means
Auxiliary services has the meaning given in Article 22.3.
Auxiliary services means such services, other than direct utilization of the assets, which are explored for generating additional income such as advertisements on bill face, bill boards and hoardings set up in establishments, etc. by using the business process of core business of the licensee;