Wrapping Sample Clauses

Wrapping. Do not wrap the trucks of tree unless specified in the plans. When wrapping is specified, tightly wrap the trunks of deciduous trees over 1.25 in (32 mm) in caliper. Wrap in strip burlap or waterproof crepe tree wrapping paper or other approved materials.
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Wrapping. 3.5.1 The cargo on the pallets shall be shrink-wrapped.
Wrapping. A sheet of flexible material shall be applied around the Product or package to prevent contamination, protect critical surfaces and barrier material from rupture, and preserve the Product.
Wrapping. An athlete mildly strains his right hip flexor during a game. As the athletic trainer, you decide that he needs his leg wrapped in an elastic bandage to make him more comfortable prior to returning to play. You have 2 minutes to perform and complete this task. Is the athlete positioned in standing with involved leg slightly flexed and internally rotated? Was a double 6 inch wrap selected? Was the elastic wrap started at the upper portion of the inner thigh and brought around to the posterior aspect of the thigh? Was the wrap anchored onto the opposite iliac crest? Does the wrap prevent excessive hip extension? Passing score = 4 or more questions answered yes Total points Xxxxxx – An athlete is recovering from Achilles tendonitis of the right lower leg. As the athletic trainer, you decide it is best to tape this athlete for protection as he is now able to return to play. You have 2 minutes to perform and complete this skill. Is the patient positioned in prone with the ankle in slight plantar flexion over the edge of the table? Did the athletic trainer verbalize or use tape adherent to the lower leg? Did the athletic trainer use underwrap? (not necessary) Has the athletic trainer applied anchor strips one-third of the way up the calf and around the forefoot? Has the athletic trainer applied a 3-inch elastic strip from forefoot to the anchor strip on the calf? Has the athletic trainer applied a second 3-inch elastic strip on top of the first, splitting it down the middle lengthwise and wrapping the 2 pieces anteriorly around the leg? Did the athletic trainer close the tape job with elastic strips around the calf and the ball of the foot? Does the tape job adequately prevent excessive dorsi-flexion of the foot? Passing score = 6 or more questions answered yes Total points Protective Equipment – As the athletic trainer, it is your responsibility to fit your athlete with their football helmet. Please verbalize the steps you would take to fit your athlete with their helmet. You have 1 minute to perform and complete the skill. Did the athletic trainer verbalize he or she would wet the player’s hair to simulate playing conditions and ensure a proper fit? Did the athletic trainer apply the helmet from the back to the front and check to make sure the helmet fits snugly with no gaps between the pads and the head or face. Did the athletic trainer check to see if the helmet covers the base of the skull? With the chinstrap in place, did the athletic trainer pull down on ...
Wrapping. Unsorted and Sorted Periodicals can be sent with or without a wrapper. PostNord will not be held responsible for any publica- tion supplements that fall out of unwrapped publications dur- ing post handling. A wrapper is required when:  The periodical is sent as a Publication copies A  The supplement is in a larger format than the publi- cation.  The supplement consists of or contains an item that is not a printed paper supplement.  The publication is in a smaller format than the sup- plement due to folding.  The supplement differs from the format of the pub- lication and is attached to the outside of the publi- cation or is attached to the outer spine of the publi- cation. An exception will be made for supplements which are attached to the outside of a folded tabloid publication if the supplement is inside the fold after folding.
Wrapping. MI will use commercially reasonable efforts to wrap the Application(s). Developer acknowledges and agrees to submit to MI for wrapping only Owned Application(s) or Authorized Licensed Application(s). Developer acknowledges and agrees that wrapping an Application may not work as intended and may result in Application errors or other malfunctions and that MI will have no liability for any Application errors or other malfunctions as a result of the wrapping. Developer agrees to test any Wrapped Application prior to use. MI will have no support, maintenance or other obligation under this Agreement to Developer or any third party with respect to any Wrapped Application. Developer will have no obligation to distribute any Wrapped Application.
Wrapping a. Wrap buried pipe, fittings, valves, and couplings. b. Prior to the placing of concrete, wrap fittings that require concrete backing. c. Wrap the polyethylene tube seams and overlaps and hold in place by means of a 2-inch-wide plastic backed adhesive tape. May 2017 C01025C17 Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station 15062 - 6 DUCTILE IRON PIPE
Wrapping. It is compulsory that the wrapping of the items furnished can protect them to ensure their integrity at the time of delivery to CDISCOUNT customers. It is also of capital importance that the wrapping of these items ensures their integrity in the event of return from the end customer to CDISCOUNT. The number of potential handlings per product is shown in the following summary: Number of times handled up to end customer Number of times handled if returned from end customer Total number of times handled From Cestas warehouses Items received palletised 22 or 23 13 35 or 36 From warehouses other than Cestas Items received palletised 14 to 20 5 to 11 19 to 28 Items received not palletised 13 to 15 18 to 26

Related to Wrapping

  • Packaging Tangible product shall be securely and properly packed for shipment, storage, and stocking in appropriate, clearly labeled, shipping containers and according to accepted commercial practice, without extra charge for packing materials, cases, or other types of containers. All containers and packaging shall become and remain Customer’s property.

  • Labels The Contractor shall provide fuel content labels/signs for each pumping station. These labels shall identify significant amounts of alcohols in the fuel and satisfy the requirements of 1NYCRR, Part 224 and 6NYCRR, Part

  • Labeling Upon request, Lessee will xxxx the Equipment indicating Lessor's interest with labels provided by Lessor. Lessee will keep all Equipment free from any other marking or labeling which might be interpreted as a claim of ownership.

  • Cryptography Supplier will maintain policies and standards on the use of cryptographic controls that are implemented to protect Accenture Data.

  • Film Children shall be restricted from viewing age-restricted films classified according to the recommendations of the British Board of Film Classification. Hirers should ensure that they have the appropriate copyright licences for film.

  • Packing 9.1 The supplier shall provide such packing of the goods as is required to prevent their damage or deterioration during transit to their final destination, as indicated in the contract. The packing shall be sufficient to withstand, without limitation, rough handling during transit and exposure to extreme temperatures, salt and precipitation during transit, and open storage. Packing, case size weights shall take into consideration, where appropriate, the remoteness of the goods’ final destination and the absence of heavy handling facilities at all points in transit.

  • Artwork Licensee must use the Java Logo(s) only in the exact form of approved camera-ready artwork or electronic artwork received from Oracle or Oracle's designee.

  • Scratches (Q) appliance malfunctions and any resultant leak there from; (R) any stain, soiling or damage resulting from everyday use or which has built up over time, e.g. hair, body or suntan oils and/or lotions; (S) signs of soiling include darkened areas where the body comes into contact with the furniture (these darkened areas are signs of soil build-up, which is not covered); (T) general maintenance and overall cleaning of the furniture is the consumer’s responsibility; (U) damage due to harsh or corrosive chemicals; (V) acids, including without limitation, dyes and inks (except ballpoint), plant food and fertilizer and bleach, gum; (W) any non-operating part or decorative parts such as hinges, knobs, handles, or shelves; (X) coverage under another insurance program; (Y) delivery and/or redelivery and/or loss or damage to the Covered Product while in the course of transit; (Z) design deficiency; (AA) fabrics with “X” cleaning codes and non-colorfast fabrics and leathers; (AB) odors; (AC) variation of the color, or graining of wood or wood products, marble or leather; (AD) split leathers used in seat cushions, back cushions or top or inside arm areas; (AE) natural markings on leather, such as, healed scars, insect bites, brand marks or wrinkles, or suede, and leathers with embossed patterns other than those stimulating natural cowhide; (AF) non- bovine leathers, and other buffed leathers; (AG) stains, color loss or damage resulting from cleaning methods or products (detergents, abrasives or other harsh cleaning agents) other than those recommended by the furniture manufacturer; (AH) stone or sand abrasion; (AI) loss or damage resulting from: pre-existing conditions known to You; (AJ) wear related issues, such as but not limited to, fading, wear, seam separation, stress tears, loss of foam resiliency, pilling or fraying of any fabric on all types of furniture; (AK) color loss or cracking and peeling on any leather or vinyl; (AL) splits or bi-cast leather; (AM) furniture that is used for commercial, institutional, outdoor or rental purposes; (AN) Customer’s Own Material furniture; (AO) wicker, rattan, and teakwood furniture; (AP) massage chairs; (AQ) stains or damage to suede, split-grain leather hide or exotic leathers; (AR) manufacturer quality issues such as stress tears, fabric flaws, fading, color loss or change, loss of foam or resiliency, cracking and peeling of leather or vinyl, natural leather markings, and defects in design and workmanship; (AS) Stains or damage that occur during assembly, delivery, installation, before furniture is delivered to your residence, while the furniture is located outside of your residence, while the furniture is in storage or being moved to or from storage or between residences; (AT) Wear & Tear caused by repeated use such as scuffing, soiling, hair/body oil, perspiration, surface abrasions, pilling or fraying of fabric, loose joints; (AU) Stains or damage covered under any manufacturer warranty, recall, homeowner, renter or other insurance policy; (AV) Stains or damage caused by structural problems, appliance malfunctions, Acts of God or natural disasters, theft, vandalism or illegal activity (AW) Stains or damage caused by independent contractors Specific to Home Automation: In additional to the exclusions listed above, this Agreement does not cover any loss, repairs or damage caused by or resulting from: (A) pre-existing conditions incurred or known to you (pre-existing means a condition prior to Plan issuance); (B) any repair covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or any insurance; (C) installation, or improper installation; or improper installation of customer replaceable components, modules, parts or peripherals; (D) damage or failure due to causes beyond our control such as environmental conditions, exposure to weather conditions or acts of nature including, but not limited to: fire, floods, smoke, sand, dirt, lightning, moisture, water damage, freezes, storms, wind, windstorm, hail, earthquake, animal or insect infestation, etc.; (E) damage or failure caused by riot, nuclear radiation, war, hostile action, or radioactive contamination, etc.; (F) battery failure or leakage; (G) collision, collapse, or explosion; (H) liquid spillage of any kind; (I) signal reception, transmission problems resulting from external causes, interruption of electrical service, loss of power, improper use of electrical/power, power “brown-out”, power overload or power surge (unless covered in the Special Features section of this document); (J) neglect, misuse, abuse, intentional damage, malicious mischief, theft, mysterious disappearance, vandalism or accidental damage; damage cause by dropping (K) rust, corrosion, warping, bending, etc.; (L) damage, warping, bending or rusting of any kind to the housing, cabinetry, outside casing or frame of the product; (M) any non-operating part, including but not limited to plastic, or decorative parts such as hinges, knobs, door liners, glass, handles, masks, rack rollers, shelves, etc.; (N) loss of or repair to components within the product not originally covered by the manufacturer’s warranty; (O) failure to product attachments not provided by the manufacturer or included in the original sale;

  • Food Although food may be served at a program being paid for with grant funds, the food may not be purchased with grant or matching funds.

  • Consumables Hardware Support does not include the delivery, return, replacement, or installation of supplies or other consumable items (including, but not limited to, operating supplies, magnetic media, print heads, ribbons, toner, and batteries) unless otherwise stated in a Transaction Document.