WRAPPING Sample Clauses

WRAPPING. A sheet of flexible material shall be applied around the Product or package to prevent contamination, protect critical surfaces and barrier material from rupture, and preserve the Product.
WRAPPING. MI will use commercially reasonable efforts to wrap the Application(s). Developer acknowledges and agrees to submit to MI for wrapping only Owned Application(s) or Authorized Licensed Application(s). Developer acknowledges and agrees that wrapping an Application may not work as intended and may result in Application errors or other malfunctions and that MI will have no liability for any Application errors or other malfunctions as a result of the wrapping. Developer agrees to test any Wrapped Application prior to use. MI will have no support, maintenance or other obligation under this Agreement to Developer or any third party with respect to any Wrapped Application. Developer will have no obligation to distribute any Wrapped Application.
WRAPPING. 3.5.1 The cargo on the pallets shall be shrink-wrapped.
WRAPPING. It is compulsory that the wrapping of the items furnished can protect them to ensure their integrity at the time of delivery to CDISCOUNT customers. It is also of capital importance that the wrapping of these items ensures their integrity in the event of return from the end customer to CDISCOUNT. The number of potential handlings per product is shown in the following summary: Number of times handled up to end customer Number of times handled if returned from end customer Total number of times handled From Cestas warehouses Items received palletised 22 or 23 13 35 or 36 From warehouses other than Cestas Items received palletised 14 to 20 5 to 11 19 to 28 Items received not palletised 13 to 15 18 to 26
WRAPPING. Where connection to existing steel line is made underground, tape wrap new steel transition fittings and exposed existing pipe having damaged coating. Clean pipe to bare metal. Initially stretch first layer of tape to conform to the surface while spirally half-lapping. Apply a second layer, half-lapped and spiraled as the first layer, but with spirals perpendicular to first wrapping. Use 0.025 mm 10 mil minimum thick polyethylene tape. In lieu of tape wrap, heat shrinkable 0.025 mm 10 mil minimum thick polyethylene sleeve may be used.

Related to WRAPPING

  • Packaging 7.1 MSO undertakes to ZEEL that it shall package Zee Group Channels as per applicable Laws including but not limited to the relevant regulations notified by TRAI. MSO undertakes to ZEEL that no Zee Group Channel shall be included in any package or tier that contains any channel with pornographic content or any gambling channel/content.

  • Labels The Contractor shall provide fuel content labels/signs for each pumping station. These labels shall identify significant amounts of alcohols in the fuel and satisfy the requirements of 1NYCRR, Part 224 and 6NYCRR, Part

  • Labeling Upon request, Lessee will mark the Equipment indicating Lessor's interest with labels provided by Lessor. Lessee will keep all Equipment free from any other marking or labeling which might be interpreted as a claim of ownership.

  • Packing 9.1 The supplier shall provide such packing of the goods as is required to prevent their damage or deterioration during transit to their final destination, as indicated in the contract. The packing shall be sufficient to withstand, without limitation, rough handling during transit and exposure to extreme temperatures, salt and precipitation during transit, and open storage. Packing, case size and weights shall take into consideration, where appropriate, the remoteness of the goods’ final destination and the absence of heavy handling facilities at all points in transit.

  • Food Only persons approved from time to time by Landlord may prepare, solicit orders for, sell, serve or distribute food in or around the Project. Except as may be specified in the Lease or on construction drawings for the Premises approved by Landlord, and except for microwave cooking, Tenant will not use the Premises for preparing or dispensing food, or soliciting of orders for sale, serving or distribution of food.

  • Consumables Hardware Support does not include the delivery, return, replacement, or installation of supplies or other consumable items (including, but not limited to, operating supplies, magnetic media, print heads, ribbons, toner, and batteries) unless otherwise stated in a Transaction Document.

  • Programming Seller shall not make any material changes in the broadcast hours or in the percentages of types of programming broadcast by the Station, or make any other material change in the Station's programming policies, except such changes as in the good faith judgment of the Seller are required by the public interest.

  • Containers An extra charge will be made for returnable containers and special shipping devices (such as oil barrels, reels, tarpaulins, commutator clamps, etc.) where they are consigned to the Purchaser, but refund will be made if returned in good condition to the factory, or other points designated by EXION, within ninety (90) days from the date of original shipment, charges prepaid.

  • Packages If under the Agreement packaging of products remains property of Supplier or is to be returned to Supplier, Buyer must return them at his risk and account empty to the destination indicated by Supplier and must advise Supplier on date of dispatch. Any packages not returned in good order and condition within a reasonable period shall be paid for by Buyer at Supplier’s standard replacement costs.