Throwing Objects Sample Clauses

Throwing Objects. Throwing, dropping, knocking or ejecting objects from residence buildings, windows, balconies or stairwells, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is prohibited and may result in eviction. For greater clarity, you must not place objects on windowsills close to any windows that open and you must ensure that all objects stored on balconies are secured such that they will not fall or be blown off the balcony.
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Throwing Objects. Nothing will be thrown or dropped by the Tenant, or persons living with or visiting the Tenant, off the balcony, out of the windows or doors or down the passages or skylights of the Tenant’s building or any other building on the Residential Property.
Throwing Objects. Any item(s) (including balls, sports equipment, etc.) may not be used for their intended purpose inside the residence halls. No object may be thrown, projected, or dropped from a window, balcony, or opening. Window screens must be left intact. (Refer to Patios/Balconies/Windows/Screens). Objects that are thrown from windows, balconies, or openings that are specifically projected to cause harm to any community member may additionally face criminal/legal action. Any damage(s) caused by the violation of this policy will be assigned to any individual(s) found responsible.
Throwing Objects. Throwing any object that may cause injury in any part of the school, on school grounds, at school events, or at school vehicles.
Throwing Objects. You shall not throw and you will not allow to be thrown objects, out of the windows or doors or down the passages the Centre.

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