Warehouse Sample Clauses

Warehouse. Agilent hereby covenants and agrees that it shall construct, or cause to be constructed, a new warehouse building on the Avago Lot in the approximate location identified on the Site Map (the “New Warehouse”). The Parties intend such New Warehouse to replicate for Avago the warehouse facilities located on the Agilent Lot which were utilized by Agilent in connection with the Business prior to the closing of the Business Sale. The New Warehouse shall be constructed utilizing new materials in manner, size (both cubic and square feet) and quality of materials and workmenship consistent with Agilent’s existing warehouse facilities and complying with all applicable laws and zoning and building codes. All costs and expenses relating to the construction of the New Warehouse shall be allocated between the Parties in accordance with the MSA.
Warehouse. Buyer shall also lease from Seller, the Warehouse situated on Parcel # 1303000019 upon the terms and conditions set forth in the attached Commercial Lease which is incorporated by reference herein as Exhibit D2. If Seller has any tenants occupying residences on the Leased Premises, Seller agrees that Buyer shall not be liable to said Tenants for any claims, actions, inactions, negligence, or willful misconduct of Seller and Seller shall retain all liability to the Tenants for claims, actions, inactions, negligence or willful misconduct.
Warehouse. One (1) bomber-type jacket, one (1) three-quarter (3/4) length jacket or insulated coveralls. The above are provided and/or replaced on an “if required” and “as needed” basis. A pool of smocks will also be provided for requisitioning by Warehouse employees on an as needed basis to protect their normal work attire from damage when performing such tasks as changing batteries, cleaning equipment, etc. Such uniforms remain the property of the Company and employees are required to exercise reasonable care in the use and protection of such clothing. Such uniforms are to be used for the express purpose of working for the Company. Employees must wear said uniform components at all times while at work unless a satisfactory reason is provided. Weekly dry cleaning of company owned freezer suits, jackets and coveralls will be provided at a Company approved establishment and at the Company’s expense. Further, no more than every two years, a Helly Xxxxxx freezer suit will be provided and/or replaced. The old freezer suit must be presented prior to ordering a new Helly Xxxxxx suit to ensure replacement requirement.
Warehouse. (1) No later than fifteen (15) days after the Closing Date, (i) Buyer shall have negotiated and entered into a lease for the Business Premises (the "Warehouse Lease"), including all structures, improvements, landscaping, and appurtenances benefitting the same; (ii) Buyer shall deliver to Seller a fully executed copy of the Warehouse Lease and any additional agreements, certificates, or instruments reasonably requested by Seller that evidences the termination of Seller's leasehold interest in the Business Premises.
Warehouse. A structure or other authorized storage facility, as determined by CCC for the purpose of this agreement, in which any agricultural product may be stored or handled. WAREHOUSE OPERATOR. A person lawfully engaged in the business of storing or handling agricultural products. WAREHOUSE RECEIPT. A pre-numbered, negotiable warehouse receipt issued under the authority of the USWA, a State licensing authority, or by an approved CCC warehouse in such format authorized and approved, in advance, by CCC; an electronic warehouse receipt issued by such warehouse and recorded in the central filing system of a provider approved by the Farm Service Agency (FSA) to operate such system; or other such acceptable evidence of title, as determined by CCC.
Warehouse. For a warehouse building, the arts fee shall be $0.39 per square foot.
Warehouse. The Manager shall provide the Company with space in a warehouse to operate the Company’s business. The Manager shall be responsible for all costs associated with maintaining the warehouse space including insurance.
Warehouse. A centralized warehouse shall be maintained for receiving supplies, materials, and books which have been ordered. The Committee shall have the supplies, materials and books delivered to the appropriate school within ten (10) days after being received at the warehouse, except in the case of emergency, where delivery shall be made on the same day as received. The Business Manager will consult with the Association concerning the warehouse inventory and the availability of supplies, upon request.