Walk-Through Sample Clauses

Walk-Through. Buyer shall have the right to schedule with Seller and perform a walk- through of the Property within the 48-hour period prior to the Closing, to assure itself that the Property is in the condition required under this Agreement. In the event the Property is damaged in a condition not permitted by this Agreement, Buyer shall have the right to require an extension of the Closing, and in such event Seller shall repair the damage promptly, and thereafter the parties shall promptly proceed towards the Closing.
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Walk-Through. The Contractor has had an opportunity to review each Site and acknowledges that it has no concerns with its proposed design that would prohibit the Contractor from guaranteeing the installation and operation of the System(s) as contemplated in the Contract Documentation.
Walk-Through. A. A walk-through is an informal observation under thirty (30) minutes that provides an opportunity to gather evidence and provide feedback to teachers. All walk-throughs will be conducted openly and with the full knowledge of the teacher by assigned evaluator.
Walk-Through. The Facility Coordinator will accompany the renter before the event date to the Community Center to do a walk-through inspection, insuring that the Community Center is in fact clean inside and out. The employee will then outline what the cleaning process will be for a deposit refund. The Facility Coordinator will do a walk through at the end of the event to determine the condition of the facility and determine deposit refund.
Walk-Through. It is the responsibility of tenant to do a WALK THROUGH OF PREMISES WITHIN 7
Walk-Through. Evaluators will perform at least one (1) walk-through, five (5) to fifteen (15) minutes in duration, for each observation. Unit members may request one (1) additional walk-through for each observation. Evaluators will use the appropriate OTES 2.0 walk-through form.
Walk-Through. Lessor and Resident agree to walk-through, jointly or separately, the Premises prior to Resident occupying the same to describe the condition of the Premises. Failure by Resident to return to Lessor within three (3) days of move-in an inspection sheet concerning the condition of the Premises shall deem Resident to acknowledge that the Premises were in good condition, clean and in no need of repair. The parties agree to complete this inspection again on the day the Resident vacates the Premises, for the purpose of determining the settlement of the security deposit.
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Walk-Through. Buyer reserves the right to walk through the property within 24 hours prior to closing.
Walk-Through. The EMPLOYER and the UNION shall perform a joint walk- 26 through inspection of all subject areas addressed in the move. The joint walk- 27 through inspection shall be performed within 30 days following the relocation of 28 employees to ensure that items within this section and/or items identified in a 29 supplemental Memorandum of Agreement have been addressed and corrective 30 action taken or requested. 31
Walk-Through. Tenant will, on or before the Commencement Date, conduct with Landlord a walk-through of the Premises at a mutually agreed upon time. To the extent that Tenant observes any condition which does not substantially comply with the terms of this Lease, Tenant shall immediately notify Landlord of the same in writing.
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