Company Policy Sample Clauses

Company Policy. (a) The Executive acknowledges that the Executive is subject to insider information policies designed to preclude the Company’s employees from violating the federal securities laws by trading on material, nonpublic information or passing such information on to others in breach of any duty owed to the Company or any third party. The Executive shall promptly execute any agreements generally distributed by the Company or to its employees requiring employees to abide by the Company’s insider information policies.
Company Policy. The Employee agrees to perform his duties under this Agreement in accordance with Employer's company policy as such policy may be implemented or modified from time to time during the term of this Agreement. Violation of any material provision of any company policy shall constitute good cause for termination of the services of the Employee under this Agreement.
Company Policy. As a Company employee, you will be expected to abide by Company rules and regulations and acknowledge in writing that you have read the Company’s Employee Handbook which will govern the terms and conditions of your employment. The Company’s Employee Handbook may be modified from time to time at the sole discretion of the Company.
Company Policy. The Company agrees to post such policies in places where all employees have access to such policies and to provide a copy of the written policies to each employee no less than once per calendar year and at time of hire.
Company Policy. Furthermore, Employee specifically confirms his understanding the Employer has established as Company Policy certain general practices, procedures and regulations which apply to all Employees and which Company Policy is incorporated in this Agreement and made a part hereof to the same extent as if such Policy statements were set out herein in full. Employee further confirms that the Company Policy may be expanded, curtailed, changed, modified or supplemented from time to time by Employer and that as so expanded, curtailed, modified or supplemented such Company Policy shall become a part of this Agreement as if such had been in effect at the date of this Agreement. Employee confirms that at the time of the execution of this Agreement Employer delivered to Employee a written copy of all Company Policy in effect as of the date hereof, which Employee has read and understands and with respect to which he has had a full and complete opportunity to ask any questions about such Company Policy and has received answers thereto from management.