Transcription Sample Clauses

Transcription. The officer may arrange for the appeal hearing to be transcribed. If requested, any related costs will be assumed in full by the Operating Engineers.
Transcription. The digitally recorded responses were hand-coded by native speakers ac- cording to their agreement endings and agreement features. Responses were coded as correct responses when the model sentence was correctly repeated and contained the inflected participle, the exact participle used in the model sentence, or a semantically similar one. Any second production of an inflected participle that differed from the first as a result of autocorrection was tran- scribed, but these were not considered in the analysis. Responses were coded as agreement errors when the sentence met all the above criteria for correct responses but the agreement was unintelligible or not predicted by the gen- der of the two conjuncts (e.g., NN = F). Responses were coded under miscel- laneous responses when incorrect words were produced, the sentence was interrupted, word order was changed, or when no response was made. Only unique correct responses were considered in the analysis.9
Transcription. Transcription of credit will occur during the summer quarter for Columbia Basin College and will be completed by August 31st following the academic year for which credit was earned. High school students registered in the Student Enrollment Reporting System (SERS) for CTE Dual Credit will follow CBC student policies for transcription of credit. Credit and/or grades will not be removed once they have been transcribed. Agreement Revision/Renewal: As required by law, this agreement will be reviewed regularly and approved annually by the lead administrators (college presidents and school district superintendents or their designee) of the educational partners. (Xxxxxxx 2006, SEC. 3) Credit Transfer: College credits, including those awarded through direct transcription may or may not transfer to four-year institutions or other colleges outside the state’s community/technical college system. It is the responsibility of the student to consult with those institutions concerning specific credit transfer and admissions requirements.
Transcription. We have capabilities to transcribe any audio or video file in most languages regardless of format, dialect, amount of speakers or country of origin. Our transcription professionals use state of the art technology to decipher contents on most audio and video files and provide you with a user-friendly text document that allows you to identify sections by speaker or time. We also offer notarized transcriptions for legal purposes, focus group transcriptions and medical transcriptions. Zoom Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) Simultaneous interpretation is the process of translating speech from one language to another in real-time. Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) eliminates the need for on- site interpreters and equipmentreducing costs, carbon emissions, and the burden on event organizers. Subtitling, Dubbing and Audio Recording An increasing number of companies are now required to customize their products to cater to new markets. Idea Translations can help you through this process by converting your audio and video files into various languages while adapting them to your target audience. We support any video or audio format and partner with professional recording studios to ensure that the final deliverable will capture the attention of your audience and properly conveys the information you intended.
Transcription. Item it is aggreed upon that at the Derrye 200 howsen shall be builte, and Xxxxx to be lefte For 300 And th[a]t 400 Acr[is] lieinge one the Derry side nexte adioyninge to the Derry shallbe laied thereunto. Bogge and barren Mountayne to be xxx p[ar]cell therof, butt to goe as waste For the Citie The same to do[u]ne by indifferent comission[e]rs. Item it is agreed th[a]t the Byshoppe and Xxxxx of the Derrye shall have convenient plottes of ground, For there xxxxx of their houses att the Derrye. This poser was devised by Fodiator, a researcher from Fife.
Transcription. Class 1 English
Transcription. No transcript of a DRB Hearing is generally contemplated. Each DRB Member may keep his/her own notes. In special cases, upon request of a Party, the DRB may allow transcription by a court reporter at the expense of the requesting Party, who shall provide copies of the transcript to the DRB and the other Party at no charge. Audio or video recordings are not permitted.
Transcription. Transcription was performed by the clinician in sound treated Audiology room with head phones connected to the recording device at Bangalore. The recording was first played two to three times for familiarization and later fine transcriptions were done of defective speech units. IPA transcription was adapted with fine attributions wherever needed. Core unit at transcription was phon, placed within its contextual word unit marked by square brackets. Words in turn showed either isolated occurrence or they were parts of phrases, sentences and stretch of utterance. Three sets of conversational speech corpora were generated as databases from 18 participants. They comprised D1, D2 and D3 groups. Every participant’s transcription profile was also maintained separately.
Transcription. Processes shall be completed either on site or off site in an automated and blended shore model. o Supplier shall maximize the use of voice recognition software which is capable of producing highly accurate drafts. o Supplier shall use trained transcriptionists and error proofing software to review and correct selected drafts of completed products prior to insertion of such draft into paper or electronic health records. ASCENSION HEALTH CONFIDENTIAL Exhibit 2 o Supplier shall feed back corrections to transcripts into software so that the applicable physician specific voice logic is continually refined for ever increasing accuracy.
Transcription. Transcribe physician dictation of required reports into paper or electronic reports to become an official part of the medical record. Manage transcription services and vendors, including coordinating work assignments, overseeing dictation quality, and managing internal/external report distribution. [**] Indicates that text has been omitted which is the subject of a confidential treatment request. The text has been separately filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.