Transcription Sample Clauses

Transcription. The officer may arrange for the appeal hearing to be transcribed. If requested, any related costs will be assumed in full by the Operating Engineers.
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Transcription. The digitally recorded responses were hand-coded by native speakers ac- cording to their agreement endings and agreement features. Responses were coded as correct responses when the model sentence was correctly repeated and contained the inflected participle, the exact participle used in the model sentence, or a semantically similar one. Any second production of an inflected participle that differed from the first as a result of autocorrection was xxxx- scribed, but these were not considered in the analysis. Responses were coded as agreement errors when the sentence met all the above criteria for correct responses but the agreement was unintelligible or not predicted by the gen- der of the two conjuncts (e.g., NN = F). Responses were coded under miscel- laneous responses when incorrect words were produced, the sentence was interrupted, word order was changed, or when no response was made. Only unique correct responses were considered in the analysis.9
Transcription. Audio recordings were transcribed by Ministry of Health staff fluent in Hausa and French who received a one-day training in transcription methodology. Transcriptionists were asked to transcribe the recordings verbatim into French and to translate colloquial phrases in a consistent manner. To improve the accuracy of the transcription, early in the transcription process, the interviewers were asked to listen to three of the recordings and simultaneously read the French transcription. Discrepancies were noted and the interviewers reviewed any problems identified in the transcription with the transcriptionists. Transcriptions were de-identified prior to further analysis.
Transcription. Transcription of the recorded tapes was conducted a short time after the interviews. Listening to the tapes at half speed was a good way of making the process more efficient. Xxxxxx (2012) estimates that transcribing interviews takes almost six times as long as the actual recording. This estimation was quite accurate and the transcription process was a long research phase. Concepts, themes and answers to the research questions started emerging while transcribing, and was a good way of getting to know the data.
Transcription. 40. The provisions of PO 1, Sections 23.2 and 23.3 concerning transcription (reproduced below) apply:
Transcription. A written representation of speech or signed language.
Transcription. The member may arrange for the appeal hearing to be transcribed. If requested, any related costs will be assumed in full by the POA.
Transcription. A. The party requesting transcription will ensure that each party (and the arbitrator) is furnished a copy of the transcript in electronic or hard-copy form. The party whose principal contention is rejected by the arbitrator shall bear the ultimate cost for the transcription services and will reimburse the prevailing party, if applicable, for payment of the transcription fees in the same proportion as the arbitrator's fees. The arbitrator will determine final responsibility for payment of the transcription in all other cases. All expenses are allocated by the arbitrator.
Transcription.  A goal is to have transcribed progress notes completed and filed into the medical record within two