the Results Sample Clauses

the Results. The licence in respect of the Results shall permit use of the Results in applications for regulatory clearance and such licences (generally) shall be to make, use sell and otherwise dispose of products falling within the scope of the claims of any of the applications or patents for the Licensee Inventions, or which utilise the Results, and shall include full sub-licensing rights and shall continue, in the case of the Licensee Inventions until all of the applications and patents relating thereto have ceased to subsist, and in the case of the Results until all the same have fallen into the public domain (other than through the Licensee's default). The licence in respect of the Results shall include the physical transfer of the Results (or copies) by the Licensee to BTG, at BTG's expense.
the Results. Upon completing a successful Offering (“Closing”), you will promptly receive full payment of the Cash within 3 business days of escrow closing, for the percentage of the item(s) you offered on Collectable. Closing is defined as: all the trades and investments are fully settled and secured in Collectable’s escrow account. This typically takes 10 days from IPO completing funding. If you elected to retain any Equity in the Asset, it will be issued to you by Collectable. If you retain any Equity in the Asset (i.e. Retained Equity), you will continue to possess/hold the asset after Closing. In the unlikely event the Offering is unsuccessful, you can choose to: (1) buy up the balance of stock through Collectable’s platform and accept the amount raised through the Offering at the close of the Period (2) relist the asset with Collectable under amended acquisition terms, or (3) retain full title to your Asset.
the Results. 5.1 The [Institution]OR[Collaborator] will own the results of the Project (the Results). OR Ownership of the results of the Project (the Results) will be split between the Institution and the Collaborator as follows: the Institution: [insert details]; and the Collaborator: [insert details].

Related to the Results

  • Audit Results If an audit by a Party determines that an overpayment or an underpayment has occurred, a notice of such overpayment or underpayment shall be given to the other Party together with those records from the audit which support such determination.

  • Test Results The employer, upon request from an employee or former employee, will provide the confidential written report issued pursuant to 4.9 of the Canadian Model in respect to that employee or former employee.

  • Results There shall be no appreciable impairment of the gridded area. Impairments at the intersections between squares or at the edges of the cuts shall be permitted, provided that the impaired area does not exceed 15 per cent of the gridded surface.

  • Publication of Results The National Aeronautics and Space Act (51 U.S.C. § 20112) requires NASA to provide for the widest practicable and appropriate dissemination of information concerning its activities and the results thereof. As such, NASA may publish unclassified and non-Proprietary Data resulting from work performed under this Agreement. The Parties will coordinate publication of results allowing a reasonable time to review and comment.

  • ADVERTISING RESULTS The prior written approval of the Commissioner is required in order for results of the Bid to be used by the Contractor as part of any commercial advertising. The Contractor shall also obtain the prior written approval of the Commissioner relative to the Bid or Contract for press or other media releases.

  • Ownership of Results Any interest of Contractor or its Subcontractors, in drawings, plans, specifications, blueprints, studies, reports, memoranda, computation sheets, computer files and media or other documents prepared by Contractor or its subcontractors in connection with services to be performed under this Agreement, shall become the property of and will be transmitted to City. However, Contractor may retain and use copies for reference and as documentation of its experience and capabilities.

  • Fundamental Analysis The equity investment analysts provide independent research and analysis of specific companies within a sector. Typically, analysis includes review of published reports, interviews of company management, on-site observation of company operations, and the use of various financial models. In addition, analysts read trade journals, attend industry conferences, and focus on trends within the sector and industry. Based on this proprietary analysis, the analyst makes buy, sell or hold recommendations to the Adviser.

  • Risk Analysis The Custodian will provide the Fund on behalf of the Series with a Risk Analysis with respect to Securities Depositories operating in the Foreign Countries. If the Custodian is unable to provide a Risk Analysis with respect to a particular Securities Depository, it will notify the Fund on behalf of the Series. Custodian shall advise whether a particular Securities Depository meets the objective standard set forth in applicable provisions of Rule 17f-7 of the Act. If a new Securities Depository commences operation in one of the Foreign Countries, the Custodian will provide the Fund on behalf of the Series with a Risk Analysis in a reasonably practicable time after such Securities Depository becomes operational. If a new country is added to Appendix C, the Custodian will provide the Fund on behalf of the Series with a Risk Analysis with respect to each Securities Depository in that country within a reasonably practicable time after the addition of the country to Appendix C.

  • OPPORTUNITY TO DISCUSS The Investor has received all materials relating to the Company's business, finance and operations which it has requested. The Investor has had an opportunity to discuss the business, management and financial affairs of the Company with the Company's management.

  • Search Results; Lien Terminations Certified copies of Uniform Commercial Code search reports dated a date reasonably near to the Closing Date, listing all effective financing statements which name any Loan Party (under their present names and any previous names) as debtors, together with (a) copies of such financing statements, (b) payoff letters evidencing repayment in full of all Debt to be Repaid, the termination of all agreements relating thereto and the release of all Liens granted in connection therewith, with Uniform Commercial Code or other appropriate termination statements and documents effective to evidence the foregoing (other than Liens permitted by Section 11.2) and (c) such other Uniform Commercial Code termination statements as the Administrative Agent may reasonably request.