Results definition

Results means any information, documentation, designs, technical drawings, software (system and application software), algorithms, elaborated design data, technical or industrial data, tools, knowledge, know-how, trade secrets, equipment and services process, methodology, and any intellectual property therein, regardless of their support and whether or notprotected byan intellectual property right, developed, created or acquired by one Party during the execution of the Contract. The Results shall become the exclusive property of Purchaser as and when they are created or developed.
Results means any tangible or intangible effect of the action, such as data, know-how or information, whatever its form or nature, whether or not it can be protected, as well as any rights attached to it, including intellectual property rights;

Examples of Results in a sentence

  • Results of their analysis are shown in Figure 5b and c where the angular distortion is presented in function of the relative heat input, i.e. heat input energy vs.

  • Results with different initial states in FEA are compared in Figure 11.

  • Results of experiments and FEA published in the recent research on HSS by Wang et al.

  • Results of TEP analysis are presented in Figure 7a where the plastic strains after the weld cooling are shown as contour plot and in section cuts.

  • Results of several 3-point bending and 4-point bending experiments in HSS square hollow sections are summarized in Figure 1.

More Definitions of Results

Results means Search Results Sets, Search Results, Ad Sets or Ads.
Results means any Data or information generated by the Project;
Results means any document, item, material, software, methodologies, tools technologies, knowledge, data, know-how or other work created, developed or acquired for the purposes of the Services or in connection with the Services by the Contractor or by any third party engaged by the Contractor or working under the Contractor's direction or supervision. This shall include any invention, innovation and design.
Results shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.5(b).
Results means any data, knowledge and information whatever their form or nature, whether or not they can be protected, which are generated in the action as well as any attached rights, including intellectual property rights;
Results means any Data, or information or other material generated under the Project;