Term Start Date definition

Term Start Date means [Insert date];
Term Start Date has the meaning set forth in Section 1.01.
Term Start Date has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.

Examples of Term Start Date in a sentence

  • Subject to Seller’s compliance with the applicable FERC rules and regulations, Seller may use, provide and convey any electric energy, capacity, Green Attributes, Capacity Attributes, Resource Adequacy Benefits, or any other product or benefit associated with the Generating Facility or the output thereof before the Term Start Date.

  • The Term Start Date must be on the first day of a calendar month.

  • Flat 3 would be a one-bedroom unit (2-person) with an area of 55.4sqm, and would be located to the rear of the property at first floor level.

  • If the Generating Facility is a New Qualifying Facility, no Forward Settlement Amount is assessed for any Termination Payment due to Buyer as the Non-Defaulting Party by Seller as the Defaulting Party if this Agreement is terminated before the Term Start Date.

  • Repair and decoration The Tenant accepts the Premises and the Common Parts in their condition at the Term Start Date as being in good and substantial condition and fit for the purpose let.

More Definitions of Term Start Date

Term Start Date means [[ ] 20[ ]] [the first Business Day occurring [ ] Business Days after the Unconditional Date] or such other date as the Tenant and the Landlord agree in writing with specific reference to the Missives;
Term Start Date is defined as the day the Subscription Term starts, being the date on which this Agreement is countersigned by Archivision, unless another date is mutually agreed upon in writing by the parties. Archivision will countersign this agreement the date the Service Provider turns on access for the Subscriber.
Term Start Date means January 6, 2017.
Term Start Date means a Consultative Term Start Date, a Dealer Term Start Date, a Non-dealer First Term Start Date, a Non-dealer Second Term Start Date or a Non-dealer Third Term Start Date, as applicable.
Term Start Date means the date identified in an Order Form as the date of the start of the Initial Service Term; “Initial Service Term” means the contracted period specified in the applicable Order Form. “Transaction Volume” or “Invoice Volume” means the aggregate dollar or other currency amount, or other agreed upon measurement amount, invoiced by Customer using the Services for a specific monthly or other period as identified in the applicable Order Form and is measured by taking the sum of such agreed upon measurement amounts posted using the Services for such monthly or other period; “Renewal Service Term” means each subsequent renewal period beginning on the expiration of the Initial Term; “Intellectual Property Rights” means unpatented inventions, patent applications, patents, design rights, copyrights, trademarks, service
Term Start Date means (a) in the case of a license sold to an Authorized Reseller, the date the End User executes or accepts an order for Software from that Authorized Reseller in accordance with its terms unless a start date is specified in the Order, and (b) in the case of a license of Software for Distributor’s internal use, the date of execution of the Order unless a start date is specified in the Order.
Term Start Date means the date of this Lease.