The Euro Sample Clauses

The Euro. 8.1. All contribution-specific agreements between the UN and the Commission shall be denominated in Euro. All Commission payments to the UN shall be made in Euro.
The Euro. (a) If, as a result of the implementation of the EMU, (i) any currency available for borrowing under this Agreement ( a national currency) ceases to be lawful currency of the state issuing the same and is replaced by the Euro or (ii) any national currency and the Euro are at the same time both recognized by the central bank or comparable governmental authority of the state issuing such currency as lawful currency of such state, then any amount payable hereunder by any party hereto in such national currency (including, without limitation, any Advance to be made under this Agreement) shall instead be payable in the Euro and the amount so payable shall be determined by redenominating or converting such amount into the Euro at the exchange rate officially fixed by the European Central Bank for the purpose of implementing the EMU, provided, that to the extent any EMU legislation provides that an amount denominated either in the Euro or in the applicable national currency can be paid either in Euros or in the applicable national currency, each party to this Agreement shall be entitled to pay or repay such amount in Euros or in the applicable national currency. Prior to the occurrence of the event or events described in clause (i) or (ii) of the preceding sentence, each amount payable hereunder in any such national currency will, except as otherwise provided herein, continue to be payable only in that national currency.
The Euro. If the Agreement remains in force on the date of withdrawal from circulation of national currencies in those countries of the European Union which have decided to adopt the EURO as their official currency, to the extent that the prices stipulated are expressed in a national currency(ies) which is (are) replaced by the EURO, the replacement of such national currency by the EURO shall not have the effect of nullifying or altering the rights and obligations of Purchaser and Supplier hereunder nor of discharging or excusing performance by either of the parties of their respective obligations hereunder nor shall it entitle either of the parties unilaterally to alter, terminate or revoke the Agreement. If any price stated in the Agreement is expressed in one or more of the national currencies which is replaced by the EURO, such price shall automatically be converted into EURO at the official rate fixed between such currencies and the EURO or the effective rate at the time of conversion.
The Euro. 83. From at least as early as September 2005 through approximately June 2010, certain UBS Euro derivatives traders occasionally requested that Euribor submitters contribute submissions to benefit the derivatives traders’ positions. UBS submitters often accommodated such requests.
The Euro. 41.1. The Contractor shall submit invoices for payment of services to the Council denominated in sterling. In the event that the United Kingdom joins the European Monetary Union, the Council shall at any time thereafter, upon giving three months written notice to the Contractor, be entitled to require the Contractor at no additional charge to the Council, to convert any such charges from sterling into Euro (in accordance with EC Regulation 1103/97). The Contractor shall thereafter submit all invoices for payment to the Council denominated in Euros.
The Euro. 15.1 If, at any time, the Euro ceases to exist as a currency unit (or there is a material likelihood of such cessation) or (in the reasonable opinion of Silver Lake) it becomes so uncertain, unattractive or otherwise unworkable such that the Parties to this Agreement enter into bona fide discussions regarding the use of a different currency, then Silver Lake may require that:
The Euro. 16.3.1 In this Clause:
The Euro. If the United Kingdom becomes a participating member state for the purposes of European Monetary Union so that the Euro becomes the lawful currency of the United Kingdom, then: