Operating Budget definition

Operating Budget has the meaning given in Section 3.11(a).
Operating Budget means, with respect to any Fiscal Year, the operating budget for the Mortgaged Property reflecting Borrower’s projections of Gross Revenues and Property Expenses for the Mortgaged Property for such Fiscal Year and on an annual and monthly basis and submitted by Borrower to Lender in accordance with the provisions of Section 5.1(r)(viii), which Operating Budget shall include, as a component thereof, a Working Capital Budget.
Operating Budget means, collectively, for any period, the Borrowers' budgets setting forth the Borrowers' best estimate, after due consideration, of all Operating Revenues and Operating Expenses and any other revenues, costs and expenses for each of the Properties for such period, which budgets have been approved by Lender in accordance herewith, as same may be amended pursuant to Section 5.1(D) hereof.

Examples of Operating Budget in a sentence

  • The Operating Budget for 2023 (taking into account the Tredegar Solar Acquisition) is attached as Exhibit I hereto.

  • Each Lender Party has received the Operating Budget required pursuant to Section 5.01(e)(i).

More Definitions of Operating Budget

Operating Budget shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.1(r).
Operating Budget which shall set forth, among other matters, anticipated cash income and expenditures and reserve additions for such Fiscal Year;
Operating Budget means the operating budget for the Project prepared and delivered in accordance with Section 5.10.
Operating Budget has the meaning provided in Section 12.7.
Operating Budget means an operating budget for the Project prepared in accordance with Section 5.10 of the Loan Agreement.
Operating Budget shall constitute an estimate for each applicable period of all operating income, which shall include expenses required to maintain, repair and restore to good and usable condition the Partnership's assets.
Operating Budget means anorganization’s total planned budget expenditures from all sources, including the value of in-kind and monetary contributions, in the period for which funding is requested.