Termination Suspension Sample Clauses

Termination Suspension. Your right to use the Online Backup Feature will terminate on expiration of the Service Period. Symantec may immediately suspend or terminate use of the Online Backup Feature during the Service Period for Your failure to comply, or Symantec’s reasonable belief that You have failed to comply with these terms and conditions (other than a trivial or inconsequential breach) or any other misuse of the Online Backup Feature. Following the expiration or termination of the Service Period:  Symantec may permanently delete any Data stored to the online backup space provided with Your Software and Services;  Symantec will not be obligated to maintain such Data, forward such Data to You or a third party, or migrate such Data to another backup service or account; and  You will not be able to store the Data to any additional backup space that You may have purchased separately unless and until the Service Period is renewed.
Termination Suspension. 22.1 This Project Agreement can be terminated at any time by one of the Contracting Parties upon a three-month prior written notice. The Contracting Parties shall decide by mutual agreement on any consequences of the termination.
Termination Suspension. (a) Either Party may terminate this Compact without cause in its entirety by giving the other Party thirty (30) daysprior written notice. MCC may also terminate this Compact or MCC Funding without cause in part by giving the Government thirty (30) days’ prior written notice.
Termination Suspension. A. This Agreement may be terminated as to future commitments for sale of Loans by either party at any time, but such termination shall not in any respect change or modify the obligation of Seller with respect to Loans already subject to a commitment. The effective time of termination shall be the earlier of the time written notice is actually received by the other party or 5 days after written notice is posted in the United States Postal Service by the canceling party. Termination of this Agreement shall not in any way affect either Seller’s or Plaza’s obligations, representations, warranties or indemnifications with respect to Loans already purchased by Plaza; provided, however, that Plaza may immediately terminate its obligations hereunder without notice and immediately return to Seller any Loans subject to a commitment and Seller shall accept such Loans if Plaza reasonably determines that there has been any deception, fraud, concealment or material misrepresentation by Seller in performing any of its duties, obligations, responsibilities or actions undertaken in connection with this Agreement or in connection with any Loan sold to Plaza pursuant to this Agreement. All representations, warranties, indemnity obligations, solicitation covenants, and other remedies available to Plaza under this Agreement, at law or in equity, will survive termination of this Agreement.
Termination Suspension a. Either the Global Fund or the Principal Recipient may terminate this Agreement in whole or in part upon giving the other party 60 days written notice. Either the Global Fund or the Principal Recipient may suspend this Agreement in whole or in part upon giving the other party seven days written notice. Any portion of this Agreement that is not terminated or suspended shall remain in full force and effect.
Termination Suspension. This Agreement may be terminated or suspended as follows: • Upon Termination of Merchant Processing Agreement(s): In the event that one or more of Customer’s merchant processing agreement(s) or Merchant Processing Statements (collectively “MPA”),including any agreement(s) for Company Payment Services, is terminated with the credit card or EFT payment processor utilized in connection with this Agreement, Company may, in Company’s sole discretion, elect to terminate this Agreement, or only such portions of this Agreement which are applicable to the payment processing services, and be relieved of any and all of its obligations relating thereto upon written notice to Customer.
Termination Suspension. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer shall also be in Default, and BluIP shall have the right to immediately terminate or suspend Services, without Notice, other notice or cure period, upon any violation by Customer of an applicable Law affecting the use of the Services or performance of Customer’s obligations of security, confidentiality, intellectual property, and/or as under the AUP. BluIP also reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate Services, without Notice, other notice or cure period, in the event of any governmental prohibition or required alteration of the Services, or in any existing or anticipated circumstance where compromise to the Services, BluIP’s network, injury to people or damage to property is reasonably possible. BluIP shall affect such suspension if BluIP determines, in good faith, that no other commercially reasonable actions will adequately protect such people, facilities, systems or property. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Agreement, if BluIP cancels or terminates Service due to a Default of Customer, such cancellation or termination shall apply to an individual Service Order, multiple Service Orders or the Agreement in its entirety, as determined by BluIP in its sole discretion.
Termination Suspension. 15.1 This Agreement may be suspended or terminated by Magnet Business for breach of its terms, payments overdue by 15 days or greater or, otherwise in accordance with the Regulations.