Obligation to Repay Sample Clauses

Obligation to Repay. The Institution unconditionally agrees to repay all Advances and other Indebtedness, together with all interest and any fees, costs and expenses in connection therewith, at the applicable interest rate per annum provided in the Confirmation pertaining thereto, all upon the terms and conditions stated in the applicable Confirmation, FHLBank’s Member Products Policy for such type of Advance or Indebtedness and as otherwise specified herein. Accrued interest on each Advance shall be due and payable at the times specified in FHLBank’s Member Products Policy, Confirmation or as otherwise specified in writing by FHLBank.
Obligation to Repay. Subject to Section 10.01 hereof, Borrower shall repay the principal amount of the Term Loan, together with interest thereon, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the Note. Except where the time for payment has been set forth in this Section 2.02 or in the Note, Borrower shall pay all Obligations to Lender immediately upon demand.
Obligation to Repay. The Trust shall repay the Advances comprising each Tranche in full on the applicable Repayment Date.
Obligation to Repay a. The Public Housing Program is one based on income of the tenant. The tenant is to supply true and complete information to the DMMHA so that the DMMHA can calculate the rent of the dwelling unit in accordance with the DMMHA’s policies and HUD regulation. If it is determined that the tenant submitted false information or misrepresented information on any application or during any annual or interim reexamination, or if the DMMHA becomes aware of information that was not provided by the tenant as required, the DMMHA will recalculate the amount of rent due in accordance with the DMMHA’s Unreported Income Policy as stated in the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan. If there is underpaid rent due to the DMMHA, the DMMHA will notify the Tenant in writing of the obligation to repay the underpaid rent amount. - Occupancy Rules - Deceased Tenant Policy - Grievance Procedures - Statement of Family Obligations - Smoke Free policy - Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Addendum The tenant hereby agrees that all lease agreement provisions have been read and are understood and specifically agrees to be bound by all provisions and conditions as written. The Parties have executed this Lease Agreement and becomes effective as of this day of , 20 .
Obligation to Repay. No Partner shall be obligated at any time to repay or restore to the Partnership all or any part of the distributions to such Partner from the Partnership, except as is specifically provided in this Article III and in Sections 2.7 and 2.8.
Obligation to Repay. The obligation of the Borrower to repay the unpaid principal amount of the Annual Guidance Facility Loans made by the Lender and to pay interest thereon shall be evidenced by one or more amendments to the Revolving Credit Facility Note each dated the date on which the respective Annual Guidance Facility Loan is made in an aggregate face amount of up to Twenty Million and 00/100 Dollars ($20,000,000.00).
Obligation to Repay. Agent shall repay to Corporation promptly any amounts paid by Corporation to Agent pursuant to this Agreement to the extent that it shall be ultimately determined that Agent is not entitled to be indemnified by Corporation pursuant to applicable law.