Term Loan Obligations Sample Clauses

Term Loan Obligations. So long as the Discharge of Term Loan Obligations has not occurred, except as contemplated by Section 3.5(c), the parties hereto agree that neither the Borrower nor any other Grantor shall grant or permit any additional Liens on any asset or property of any Grantor to secure any ABL Facility Obligation unless it has granted or contemporaneously grants a similarly perfected Lien on such asset or property to secure the Term Loan Obligations, which Lien shall be subject to the provisions of this Agreement. To the extent that the provisions of the immediately preceding sentence are not complied with for any reason, without limiting any other rights and remedies available to the Term Loan Collateral Agent and/or the Term Loan Secured Parties, the ABL Facility Collateral Agent, on behalf of the ABL Facility Secured Parties, agrees that any amounts received by or distributed to any of them pursuant to or as a result of Liens on the Term Loan Priority Collateral granted in contravention of this Section 2(c)(i) shall be subject to Section 3.3.
Term Loan Obligations. The Borrower's obligation to each Term Lender to repay the principal of, and interest on, the Term Loan made hereunder shall be evidenced by a promissory note (each a "Term Note" and collectively the "Term Notes") duly executed and delivered by the Borrower substantially in the form of Exhibit 2.2(a) hereto, the terms of which are incorporated herein by reference in their entirety and made a part hereof and shall (i) be payable to the order of each Term Lender (except in the case of a Registered Note which shall be made payable to such Term Lender or registered assigns) in the amount of such Lender's Term Loan Commitment, (ii) be dated the Closing Date, (iii) provide that the Term Loan evidenced thereby shall mature on the Term Loan Maturity Date, (iv) bear interest as provided in this Agreement and (v) have attached thereto a principal payments schedule substantially in the form of the Schedule to Exhibit 2.2(a). Each Term Lender shall, and is hereby authorized to, make a notation on the principal payments schedule of the date and the amount of any principal payments. Such schedules as maintained by each Term Lender shall, absent manifest error, constitute prima facie evidence of the amount outstanding under the Term Loan. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the failure to make a notation with respect to any principal payment shall not limit or otherwise affect the obligation of the Borrower hereunder or under any Term Note with respect to the Term Loan and payments of principal or interest by the Borrower shall not be affected by the failure by any Term Lender to make a notation thereof on the principal payments schedule nor shall such failure or error affect any rights of the Borrower hereunder or under applicable law. Subject to the earlier acceleration or prepayment of the Term Loan as permitted or required by this Agreement, the Borrower shall repay the outstanding principal balance of the Term Loan in semi-annual installments payable to the order of the respective Term Lenders (according to their Term Loan Pro Rata Shares) on the dates and in the respective aggregate amounts as follows: Payment Date Amount April 1, 1995 $2,000,000 October 1, 1995 $2,000,000 April 1, 1996 $2,000,000 October 1, 1996 $2,000,000 April 1, 1997 $2,000,000 October 1, 1997 $2,000,000 April 1, 1998 $2,000,000 October 1, 1998 $2,000,000 April 1, 1999 $2,000,000 October 1, 1999 $190,000,000 April 1, 2000 $192,000,000 (b) Revolving Loan Obligations. The Borrower's obligations to eac...
Term Loan Obligations. (i) No right of the Term Loan Secured Parties, the Term Loan Collateral Agents or any of them to enforce any provision of this Agreement or any Term Loan Document shall at any time in any way be prejudiced or impaired by any act or failure to act on the part of the Company or any other Grantor or by any act or failure to act by any Term Loan Secured Party or the Term Loan Collateral Agents, or by any noncompliance by any Person with the terms, provisions and covenants of this Agreement, any of the Term Loan Documents, any of the Junior Priority Documents or any of the ABL Facility Documents, regardless of any knowledge thereof which the Term Loan Collateral Agents or the Term Loan Secured Parties, or any of them, may have or be otherwise charged with.
Term Loan Obligations. The Credit Parties shall not make any prepayment pursuant to Section 2.3(b)(iv) of the Term Loan Credit Agreement if, after giving effect to such prepayment, Excess Availability would be less than $100,000,000.
Term Loan Obligations. Until the Payment in Full of Term Loan Claims has occurred, if any Grantor (x) shall be subject to any Insolvency Proceeding and the Term Loan Secured Party shall agree to permit the use of “Cash Collateral” (as such term is defined in Section 363(a) of the Bankruptcy Code) constituting Term Loan Priority Collateral (“Term Loan Cash Collateral”) or (y) seeks to obtain financing, from the Term Loan Secured Parties or any other Person consented to by the Term Loan Secured Party under Section 364 of the Bankruptcy Code or any similar Bankruptcy Law secured by a Lien on such Term Loan Priority Collateral (“Term Loan DIP Financing”), then the ABL Secured Party agrees that it will consent to and not oppose, raise objection to or contest (or join with or support any third party opposing, objecting or contesting) such Term Loan Cash Collateral use or Term Loan DIP Financing
Term Loan Obligations. The parties hereto acknowledge that the Term Loan Obligations are not contractually subordinate in right of payment to the Revolving Obligations and that the Credit Providers have merely agreed in this Agreement as to the order of distribution of Collateral and proceeds of Collateral to the various Obligations.
Term Loan Obligations. 7 (b) Revolving Loan Obligations . . . . .8 (c)

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Term Loan Facility Subject to and in reliance upon the terms, conditions, representations, and warranties in the Loan Documents, each Lender severally, but not jointly, agrees to make Committed Loans to Borrower in a single disbursement on the Conditions Effective Date in aggregate amount not to exceed at any time outstanding the amount of such Lender's Pro Rata Share of the Term Loan Commitment. If all or a portion of the Term Loan Principal Debt is paid or prepaid, then the amount so paid or prepaid may not be reborrowed. Any portion of the Term Loan Commitment that remains undisbursed after the initial disbursement under the Term Loan Facility shall be reduced to zero and cancelled on the date of such initial disbursement.
Term Loan B Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, on the Closing Date each Lender with a Term Loan B Commitment agrees (severally, not jointly or jointly and severally) to make term loans (collectively, “Term Loan B”) to Borrower in an amount equal to such Lender’s Pro Rata Share of the Term Loan B Amount. The outstanding unpaid principal balance and all accrued and unpaid interest on Term Loan B shall be due and payable on the earlier of (i) the Maturity Date, and (ii) the date of the acceleration of Term Loan B in accordance with the terms hereof. Any principal amount of Term Loan B that is repaid or prepaid may not be reborrowed. All principal of, interest on, and other amounts payable in respect of Term Loan B shall constitute Obligations.
Term Loan A Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Lenders will make advances of their respective Term Loan A Commitment Percentages of a term loan (the “Term Loan A”) in an amount not to exceed the Term Loan A Commitment, which Term Loan A will be disbursed to the Borrower in Dollars in a single advance on the Closing Date. The Term Loan A may consist of Base Rate Loans, Adjusted LIBOR Rate Loans, or a combination thereof, as the Borrower may request. Amounts repaid on the Term Loan A may not be reborrowed.
Revolving Loan Facility On the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement, each Revolving Lender severally agrees to advance to the Borrower from time to time during the period beginning on the Effective Date up to, but not including the Termination Date, such loans in Dollars as the Borrower may request under this Section 2.01(b) (individually, a “Revolving Loan”); provided, however, that (i) the sum of (A) the Effective Amount of all Revolving Loans made by such Lender at any time outstanding and (B) such Lender’s Revolving Proportionate Share of the Effective Amount of all L/C Obligations and all Swing Line Loans at any time outstanding shall not exceed such Lender’s Revolving Loan Commitment at such time and (ii) the sum of (A) the Effective Amount of all Revolving Loans made by all of the Revolving Lenders at any time outstanding and (B) the Effective Amount of all L/C Obligations and Swing Line Loans at any time outstanding shall not exceed the Revolving Loan Facility at such time. All Revolving Loans shall be made on a pro rata basis by the Revolving Lenders in accordance with their respective Revolving Proportionate Shares, with each Revolving Loan Borrowing to be comprised of a Revolving Loan by each Revolving Lender equal to such Lender’s Revolving Proportionate Share of such Revolving Loan Borrowing. Except as otherwise provided herein, the Borrower may borrow, repay and reborrow Revolving Loans until the Termination Date in respect of the Revolving Loan Facility.
Term Loan Advances Subject to the prior satisfaction of all other applicable conditions to the making of a Credit Extension set forth in this Agreement, to obtain a Credit Extension, Borrower shall notify Agent (which notice shall be irrevocable) by electronic mail, facsimile, or telephone by 12:00 p.m. Pacific time at least five (5) Business Days before the proposed Funding Date of such Credit Extension. Together with any such electronic or facsimile notification, Borrower shall deliver to Agent by electronic mail or facsimile a completed Disbursement Letter (and Payment/Advance Form) executed by an Authorized Signer. Agent may rely on any telephone notice given by a person whom Agent reasonably believes is an Authorized Signer. On the Funding Date, Agent shall credit the Credit Extensions to the Designated Deposit Account. Agent may make Credit Extensions under this Agreement based on instructions from an Authorized Signer or without instructions if the Credit Extensions are necessary to meet Obligations which have become due.
Term Loan Commitments Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, the Tranche B Term Loan Lenders severally agree to make term loans denominated in Dollars (each, a “Tranche B Term Loan”) to the Borrower on the Closing Date in an amount for each Tranche B Term Loan Lender not to exceed the Tranche B Term Loan Commitment of such Lender. The Tranche B Term Loans may from time to time be Eurocurrency Loans or Base Rate Loans, as determined by the Borrower and notified to the Administrative Agent in accordance with Sections 2.2 and 5.6.
Repayment of Term Loans and Revolving Facility Loans (a) Subject to the other clauses of this Section 2.10 and to Section 9.08(e),
Term Loan Commitment Each Lender with a Term Loan Commitment agrees to make a loan to the Company (each such loan, a “Term Loan”) on the Closing Date in such Lender’s Pro Rata Share of the Term Loan Commitment. The Commitments of the Lenders to make Term Loans shall expire concurrently with the making of the Term Loans on the Closing Date.
Term Loan Agreement (a) Capitalized terms used in this Agreement and not otherwise defined herein have the respective meanings assigned thereto in the Term Loan Agreement. All terms defined in the New York UCC (as defined herein) and not defined in this Agreement have the meanings specified therein. The term “instrument” shall have the meaning specified in Article 9 of the New York UCC.
Term Loan Notes If so requested by any Lender by written notice to the Company (with a copy to the Administrative Agent) at least two Business Days prior to the Closing Date, or at any time thereafter, the Company shall execute and deliver to such Lender (and/or, if applicable and if so specified in such notice, to any Person who is an assignee of such Lender pursuant to Section 13.06 on the Closing Date (or, if such notice is delivered after the Closing Date, promptly after the Company's receipt of such notice)), a Term Loan Note or Term Loan Notes to evidence such Lender's Initial Term Loan.