Revolving Loan Facility definition

Revolving Loan Facility means the credit facility or portion thereof established by Lender in favor of Borrower for the purpose of providing working capital in the form of loans and/or Letters of Credit to finance the manufacture, production or purchase and subsequent export sale of Items pursuant to Loan Documents under which Credit Accommodations may be made and repaid on a continuous basis based solely on credit availability on the Export-Related Borrowing Base during the term of such credit facility
Revolving Loan Facility means the Facility evidenced by the Total Revolving Loan Commitment.
Revolving Loan Facility means, the revolving loan credit facility extended to Borrower pursuant to Section 1.1(B).

Examples of Revolving Loan Facility in a sentence

  • As one or more of the applicable percentage ratios (as defined under the Listing Rules) in respect of the grant of the Revolving Loan Facility is more than 5%, the Supplemental Facility Agreement and the grant of the Revolving Loan Facility is subject to the reporting, announcement, Independent Shareholders’ approval, circular, annual reporting and annual review requirements under Chapter 14A of the Listing Rules.

  • The Term Facility Administrative Agent shall retain all power, authority and discretion with regard to the Term Loan Facility and the Revolving Facility Administrative Agent shall retain all power, authority and discretion with regard to the Revolving Loan Facility in each case to the extent such power, authority and discretion is delegated to any Administrative Agent under this Agreement.

  • References are made to the Company’s announcement dated 3 September 2019 (the “2019 Announcement”), the Company’s circular and notice of extraordinary general meeting dated 15 October 2019 and the Company’s poll results announcement of the extraordinary general meeting held on 31 October 2019 dated 31 October 2019, each in relation to the grant of Revolving Loan Facility of up to HK$100 million to PCL, an indirect non-wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, pursuant to the 2019 Facility Agreement.

  • As at the date of this announcement, the Revolving Loan Facility has been fully utilised.

  • As at the date of this announcement, an aggregate sum of HK$170 million under the Revolving Loan Facility and the 2021 Revolving Loan Facility have been utilised by PCL.

More Definitions of Revolving Loan Facility

Revolving Loan Facility means the portion of the credit facility evidenced by this Agreement consisting of the several Revolving Loans, Swing Line Loans and Facility LCs.
Revolving Loan Facility means that certain First Amended and Restated Credit Agreement dated as of July 20, 2021, among the Borrower, Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association, as the administrative agent and certain other lenders and financial institutions party thereto from time to time, as amended, restated, extended, supplemented, replaced, refinanced or otherwise modified from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof to the extent permitted under the Loan Documents.
Revolving Loan Facility means the revolving loan facility of the Operating Partnership provided for in the Credit Agreement.
Revolving Loan Facility. (i) the Revolving Loan Agreement and (ii) any other credit agreement, debt facility, loan agreement, note agreement, promissory note, indenture or other agreement or instrument evidencing or governing the terms of any Debt or other financial accommodation that has been incurred to increase, extend (subject to the limitations set forth herein and in the Intercreditor Agreement), replace or refinance in whole or in part the Debt and other obligations outstanding under (x) the Revolving Loan Agreement or (y) any subsequent credit agreement, unless such agreement or instrument expressly provides that it is not intended to be and is not a Revolving Loan Facility hereunder, in any case, in accordance with the Intercreditor Agreement. Any reference to the Revolving Loan Facility hereunder shall be deemed a reference to any Revolving Loan Facility then in existence.
Revolving Loan Facility means the senior secured revolving credit facility in the aggregate principal amount of up to $150,000,000 provided under this Agreement.
Revolving Loan Facility means a loan agreement or similar facility pursuant to which a lender or lenders provides revolving loans to U.S. Borrower or any Subsidiary for the primary purpose of financing such Person’s ongoing business operations, whether such agreement or facility is secured or unsecured. For the avoidance of doubt, no Receivables Purchase Agreement shall constitute a Revolving Loan Facility.
Revolving Loan Facility means, at any time, the aggregate amount of the Revolving LendersRevolving Loan Commitments at such time. As of the Effective Date, the amount of the Revolving Loan Facility is $150,000,000.