Definition of Revolving Loan Facility

Revolving Loan Facility means the credit facility or portion thereof established by Lender in favor of Borrower for the purpose of providing working capital in the form of loans and/or Letters of Credit to finance the manufacture, production or purchase and subsequent export sale of Items pursuant to Loan Documents under which Credit Accommodations may be made and repaid on a continuous basis based solely on credit availability on the Export-Related Borrowing Base during the term of such credit facility
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Examples of Revolving Loan Facility in a sentence

Each Swing Line Loan shall bear interest on the outstanding principal amount thereof from the applicable borrowing date at a rate per annum equal to the Base Rate plus the Applicable Margin for Base Rate Loans in respect of the Revolving Loan Facility.
Under the terms of this agreement, OC Shanghai is to pay the China Lenders the full amount of its obligations under the Revolving Loan Facility.
In anticipation of this deadline, OC, OC Guangzhou and OC Shanghai entered into discussions which resulted in the China Lenders' agreement to accept, with respect to OC Guangzhou, 60% of the principal amount due under the Revolving Loan Facility, plus certain other amounts, in full satisfaction of OC Guangzhou's payment obligations under the Revolving Loan Facility.
Under the terms of the China Standstill Agreement, and among other things, the outstanding amounts under the Revolving Loan Facility - $12 million for OC Guangzhou and $5.6 for OC Shanghai - plus certain other amounts, were to become due and payable on December 31, 2005.
The Debtors were engaged as of the Petition Date in ongoing negotiations with Standard Chartered Bank ("SCB"), as agent and co-coordinating arranger for the Loan Facility Agreement, dated March 12, 1998 (the "Revolving Loan Facility") among SCB, Societe Generale ("Soc Gen") and KBC Bank, N.V. ("KBC" and, together with SCB and Soc Gen, the "China Lenders"), Owens Corning (China) Investment Company, Ltd.