Definition of Term Loan B

Term Loan B means an advance made by any Term B Lender under Section 2.01(a)(ii).

Examples of Term Loan B in a sentence

All amounts outstanding under the Term Loan B shall constitute Obligations.
The principal amount of each Segment of the Term Loan B outstanding hereunder from time to time shall bear interest and the Term Loan B shall be repayable as herein provided.
Any amount repaid under the Institutional Term Loan B may not be reborrowed.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, each Institutional Lender agrees to make and maintain a term loan up to the amount of its Institutional Term Loan B Commitment to the Borrower.
Any Institutional Lender that wishes to decline receipt of its Institutional Term Loan B share pursuant to this Section 2.10(e), shall notify the applicable Administrative Agent and the Borrower of its election to decline its Institutional Term Loan B share prior to 10:00 a.m. (New York City time) five (5) Business Days prior to the last day of the fiscal quarter in which such payment is to be made.