Definition of Term Loan Claims

Term Loan Claims means Claims in the aggregate amount of $88,064,943 derived from, based upon, relating to, or arising from the Term Loan Credit Agreement, assuming that all the loans under the Term Loan Credit Agreement were repaid on the Petition Date.

Examples of Term Loan Claims in a sentence

For example, an Allowed Class 1 Claim or Allowed Senior Secured Term Loan Claim is an Allowed Claim in the Senior Secured Term Loan Claims Class designated herein as Class 1.
The Senior Secured Credit Facility Agent shall act as Distribution Agent and distribute the relevant Distributions to holders of Allowed Senior Secured Term Loan Claims and Allowed Senior Secured Revolving Loan Claims, respectively, pursuant to the terms of the Plan.
Distributions on account of the Senior Secured Term Loan Claims and Senior Secured Revolving Loan Claims (to the extent not previously paid) shall be made on the Distribution Date by the Reorganized Debtors or the Debtors, as applicable, to the Senior Secured Credit Facility Agent.
The treatment afforded to holders of Vessel Term Loan Claims and Old Senior Secured Note Claims as provided in Sections III.B.2 and III.C.1, respectively, shall satisfy any and all adequate protection rights related to such Claims.
Such temporary injunction will expire automatically if Reorganized Group defaults under this Plan by failing to provide or cause to be provided such treatment to Holders of Holding First Lien Secured Term Loan Claims as provided under this Plan and fails to cure such default within 30 days after receipt by the Debtors of written notice of such default from the affected First Lien Lender.