The Order Sample Clauses

The Order. The Order is not complete until the Client has expressly accepted the sales Proposal in writing. Acceptance is given automatically when the Client signs the sales Proposal. In such a case, the acceptance of the sales Proposal serves as an order. The Client is required to send its acceptance to the Service Provider, and specifically the signed sales Proposal, by any means (letter, registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, e-mail, etc.). The Client may wish to formally submit its own order. Any text, modification or addition that does not comply with the Proposal issued by the Service Provider and with these GTCS shall not be taken into account without the Service Provider’s express written approval. If no response is made by the Service Provider, only the initial proposal made by the latter and these GTCS may be invoked by the Client.
The Order. Client shall communicate its supplemental Staff Member needs (a “Staff Member” and collectively, the “Staff”) to Agency in writing, or in such other manner agreed upon by the parties hereto (the "Order"). Each Order shall include, inter alia, the date upon which a Staff Member must report to Client and the number of Staff Members needed by specialty or department.
The Order. Make or permit to be made any change, amendment or modification, or any application or motion for any change, amendment or modification, to the Order without the prior written consent of the Lender, except for any change, amendment or modification that would not adversely affect the Lender.
The Order. No Credit Party shall make or permit to be made any change, amendment or modification, or any application or motion for any change, amendment or modification, to either Order without the prior written consent of the Requisite Lenders and the Agent.
The Order. At the time of the making of the initial Loans or at the time of the issuance of the initial Letter of Credit, whichever first occurs, the Administrative Agent shall have received a certified copy of an order of the Bankruptcy Court in the form attached hereto as Exhibit C (the "Order") approving the Loan Documents, the transactions contemplated hereby and thereby, the payment and performance by the Borrower and the Guarantors of all their obligations under the Loan Documents, and granting the Superpriority Claim status and Liens described in Section 2.23 (including, without limitation, the unshared first-priority perfected Lien on the Borrower's and the Guarantors' Inventory, Receivables and leasehold interests in real property) which (i) shall have been entered upon an application of the Borrower satisfactory in form and substance to the Administrative Agent, on no less than fifteen (15) days' prior notice to those parties directed by the Bankruptcy Court, (ii) shall be in full force and effect, and (iii) shall not have been stayed, reversed, rescinded, modified or amended in any respect unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Administrative Agent and, if the Order is the subject of a pending appeal in any respect, neither the making of such Loans nor the issuance of such Letters of Credit nor the performance by the Borrower or any of the Guarantors of any of their respective obligations hereunder or under the Loan Documents or under any other instrument or agreement referred to herein shall be the subject of a presently effective stay pending appeal. The Order shall have authorized Credit Extensions in the full amount contemplated under this Agreement or otherwise in an amount satisfactory to the Lenders and shall contain such other provisions required by the Administrative Agent in its sole discretion.
The Order. 2.1 The Customer shall at the time of placing an order provide the Supplier with details of any special product requirements. This may include but shall not be limited to, quantity, quality and description of produce grade.
The Order. 3.1 The Supplier shall supply the Goods in accordance with the requirements set out in this Contract. In the event that the Order Form does not specify any timescales, the Supplier shall comply with any reasonable timescales notified by the Customer.