Definition of Term Loan A

Term Loan A means a Loan made pursuant to Section 2.01(b) hereof.

Examples of Term Loan A in a sentence

The Borrower irrevocably authorizes the Bank to make or cause to be made, at or about the time of the Drawdown Date of the Term Loan A or at the time of receipt of any payment of principal of this Note, an appropriate notation on the grid attached to this Note, or the 2 - 2 - continuation of such grid, or any other similar record, including computer records, reflecting the making of such Term Loan A or (as the case may be) the receipt of such payment.
This Note is one of the Term Loan A Notes issued pursuant to Section 4.3of the Credit Agreement and evidences borrowings under, and has been issued by the Borrower in accordance with the terms of, the Credit Agreement.
The Term Loan A is not a revolving credit facility and may not be drawn, repaid and redrawn and any repayments or prepayments of principal on the Term Loan A shall permanently reduce the Term Loan A.
All amounts outstanding under the Term Loan A shall constitute Obligations.
The obligations of Term Loan A Lenders hereunder are several and not joint or joint and several.