Temporary Care Sample Clauses

Temporary Care. If Resident is in need of Temporary Care in Supportive Living, it shall take place after consultation between and among Willow Valley Administration, Resident, Resident’s spouse, and/or Resident’s responsible party. Temporary care shall mean care in Supportive Living that is not Permanent Care, as defined in Section 4.2.C.1 above. Willow Valley shall provide care in a semi-private accommodation in the skilled nursing care or memory support areas or a private accommodation, if available, in the personal care area of a Willow Valley Supportive Living Community, as well as required medical supplies at no additional cost over Resident’s Monthly Service Fee, except for other charges as outlined under “Types of Services and Supplies Not Provided” in Section 4.2.D below.
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Temporary Care. In addition to leave as per Article 23, Compassionate Leave, an employee is entitled up to two (2) consecutive days of paid leave to provide for the immediate temporary care of a sick family member or to provide the employee with an opportunity to make alternate care arrangements where the illness is of a longer duration.
Temporary Care. Temporary Care is a service that provides a short-term break or intervention for a child or youth. This service should not be used in lieu of daycare services. Temporary care should be used as a time limited service while a more sustainable plan for care is developed. Some examples of appropriate use of temporary care include but aren’t limited to;  When a child/youth is on a school suspension  When a child/youth is removed on an emergency basisOther scenarios will be reviewed on a case by case basis In order to emphasize consistency and relationship building, it is expected that the same staff person will continually provide this service throughout the course of care while the child or youth remains involved. Any changes in staff must be discussed with and approved by the Department Area Office.

Related to Temporary Care

  • Temporary Services The steamfitters shall not do any other work and shall not be permitted to work more than one shift in a twenty- four hour day. When steamfitters are present during the regular working day, no temporary services steamfitter will be required. Effective Period: 7/1/2015 - 6/30/2016 Wage Rate per Hour: $41.80 Supplemental Benefit Rate per Hour: $42.76 Overtime Double time the regular rate after an 8 hour day. Double time the regular time rate for Saturday. Double time the regular rate for Sunday.

  • Temporary Nurse Any nurse who is employed for a specified period of time not to exceed three (3) months, or any nurse who is employed to fill positions because of any combination of leaves of absence, vacations, holidays, and sick leave for a period of time not to exceed six (6) months.

  • Temporary Policies Registry Operator shall comply with and implement all specifications or policies established by the Board on a temporary basis, if adopted by the Board by a vote of at least two-­‐thirds of its members, so long as the Board reasonably determines that such modifications or amendments are justified and that immediate temporary establishment of a specification or policy on the subject is necessary to maintain the stability or security of Registry Services or the DNS (“Temporary Policies”).

  • Temporary Layoff The Employer may temporarily layoff an employee for up to ninety (90) days due to an unanticipated loss of funding, revenue shortfall, lack of work, shortage of material or equipment, or other unexpected or unusual reasons. An employee will normally receive seven (7) days notice of a temporary layoff.

  • Temporary Roads As necessary to attain stabilization of roadbed and fill slopes of Temporary Roads, Purchaser shall employ such measures as out- sloping, drainage dips, and water-spreading ditches. After a Temporary Road has served Purchaser’s pur- pose, Purchaser shall give notice to Forest Service and shall remove bridges and culverts, eliminate ditches, out- slope roadbed, remove ruts and berms, effectively block the road to normal vehicular traffic where feasible under existing terrain conditions, and build cross ditches and water bars, as staked or otherwise marked on the ground by Forest Service. When bridges and culverts are re- moved, associated fills shall also be removed to the ex- tent necessary to permit normal maximum flow of water.

  • Temporary Upgrade An employee in a temporary upgrade status shall have no right to grieve or arbitrate release from such temporary upgrade status.

  • Temporary Layoffs A. The Employer may initiate a temporary layoff for up to twelve (12) working days per fiscal year. Employees will be given thirty (30) days’ notice before the effective date of a temporary layoff. Employees may request alternative temporary layoff days from their manager or supervisor and any requests will be considered and approved or denied in writing.

  • Temporary Position (i) is a position that the Employer has determined will be in excess of eight

  • Temporary Positions A) The Employer may create regular temporary positions for vacation relief for more than one (1) incumbent for up to six (6) months duration.

  • Temporary Contracts Temporary contracts may be used in cases of replacement of regular faculty on leave or on other assignments in the College and in cases of work that is not expected to be ongoing. Temporary contracts will be reviewed at the end of one (1) year to determine the appropriateness for conversion to a regular contract.

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