Suspended Sample Clauses

Suspended. The status of an institution or day care home that is temporarily ineligible for participation (including Program payments).
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Suspended. A suspended Provider shall be removed from the NYSERDA website and shall not represent themselves as a Provider, accept any applications for, nor recruit new participants except in the execution of remedial action as approved by NYSERDA. A Suspended Provider forfeits its eligibility for Provider incentives and its customers will not have access to services offered through the Pilot. NYSERDA has sole discretion in determining whether to suspend a Provider. With Pilot Manager permission, a Suspended Provider may be allowed to close out in progress Ratings. Ratings may be subject to increased QA inspection rates that, if applicable, will be defined in the terms of their disciplinary letter from the Pilot. NYSERDA has sole discretion in determining the length of the Suspension Period. Grounds for suspension shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
Suspended. NAME EMPLOYEE# General Provisions In accordance with Policy 4751, Temporary Leaves of Absence, each nurse will be permitted a total of three (3) general leave days (for contracts of 185 days up to 229 days) or four (4) general leave days (for contracts of 230 or more days) per academic year for the purpose of taking general leave for any one of the following approved categories described below.
Suspended. Has been temporarily removed from certain functionality due to corrective action or failure to renew paperwork.
Suspended. The certificate may be reinstated arba inicijuojamas NEPCon. Organizacija based on a reinstatement audit. negali teikti jokių pareikškių, susijusių su sertifikatu, sertifikuotais produktais arba sertifikavimo statusu tuo metu, kai sertifikatas sustabdytas. Sertifikatas vėl pradės galioti po pakartotinio audito.
Suspended. Inaccessible, either past renewal date, due invoice, manual suspension due to breach of the agreements or anything applicable.
Suspended. Royalties Buyer acknowledges that Sellers maintain suspended royalty accounts for certain of their Assets whereby Sellers hold funds payable to landowners and holders of royalty interests who cannot be readily located and that, as of June 30, 2003, such accounts totaled approximately $74,000 (seventy-four thousand dollars). At the Closing, as specified in Section 11.2(l), Sellers shall transfer to Buyer the balance of such funds as of the Closing Date, together with the related books and records, and Buyer shall thenceforth after the Closing administer such accounts and disburse the funds in accordance with the applicable Leases and all legal requirements.
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Suspended. Applies to Participating Contractors who:  are on Probationary status and have either been unresponsive to, or failed to adequately fulfill, the terms of their probation, or;  have failed three (3) QAs in a row or average participating contractor QA score <=2.0 or;  been placed on Probation twice in a twelve-month period, or  as determined by the Utility or Implementing Contractor, have engaged in practices that have put the public or Program at risk;  have had their certification suspended by BPI due to work quality or health and safety issues. During this period, the Participating Contractor may, if approved by the Utility, complete customer projects already submitted to the Program. The Participating Contractor, however, forfeits any incentives for projects completed during the suspended period. A Participating Contractor with the status of Suspended is prohibited from representing itself as a Participating Contractor, enrolling new customers in the Program, or receiving Participating Contractor incentives. Suspended Participating Contractors may progress to Probationary Status upon satisfactory completion of the specified remedial activities, or be terminated from Program participation. Nothing in this progression relieves the Participating Contractor of the responsibility to fulfill any outstanding obligations to the Program or Program customers. Terminated – Participating Contractors may be terminated from the program if the Participating Contractor:  has been on Suspended Status for more than 30 days and has been unresponsive to the Utility or Implementing Contractor or failed to adequately fulfill the terms of their suspension,  has had their certification terminated by BPI, or  has committed illegal actions while performing services for the Program, provided non- authorized signatures on documents, or violated program standards. Participating Contractors with this designation are prohibited from participation in the Program. Customers with pending or in-process jobs will be notified of the Participating Contractor’s termination and offered such remedies as the Utility deems appropriate. The Utility shall notify BPI and other organizations responsible for maintaining other certifications the Participating Contractor holds. Further, the officers and owners of a Terminated Participating Contractor are prohibited from being or becoming officers or owners of any other current or subsequent Program Participating Contractor. Nothing in this proce...
Suspended. A Rolling Average Score below 60 reflects consistently poor quality work and will result in suspension from the IIC list and from all participation in Home Energy Services Program. CONSULTANT will calculate a Rolling Average for each contractor at the end of each month. That average will look at a 3-month date range, that is, the average of the previous 3-month's scores. There will be some contractors who will fall from the "Fully Participating" rolling average score category to the "Conditional" category. For those firms, we will do an increased volume of inspections. Also, they must have no more than two jobs per crew on the schedule looking forward at any time. The contractor's will remain scheduled in this way until such time as their rolling average score improves to be back in the Fully Participating category. There will be rare contractors who fall into "Probationary" rolling average score status. No work will be assigned to those firms. However, they can inform the CONSULTANT of work they have contracted on their own within the program. The Lead Vendor will inspect and score 100% of those jobs. If the contractor's performance improves to the point that they achieve a rolling average score equivalent to the "Conditional" category, work will then be assigned to them from the program. However, they must have no more than two jobs on the schedule looking forward and those jobs must be inspected and all of them scored. They will be scheduled in this manner until such time as Lead Vendor is confident that they can be accepted as "Conditional" contractors and then inspected as necessary. Any contractor that falls to the Suspended category will be identified to EGMA and will be sent a formal notice of disqualification from further participation in the program. CONSULTANT will review the Evaluation Scoring Criteria semi-annually with EGMA and will make revisions as deemed necessary as directed by XXXX.
Suspended. PAYMENTS In the event the foregoing conditions in Section II cannot be satisfied, the Payment shall be suspended. The Company agrees that if its obligation to make a Payment is Suspended in whole or in part for a period of two years, the Company will, unless otherwise directed in writing by the Lender, thereupon commence a rapid and orderly complete liquidation of its business. The date on which the liquidation commences shall be the maturity date for the balance owed on the Credit Line. Section IV.
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