Superintendent Sample Clauses

Superintendent. The Contractor shall employ a competent superintendent and necessary assistants who shall be in attendance at the Project site during the progress of the Work. The superintendent shall represent the Contractor and all communications given to the superintendent shall be as binding as if given to the Contractor. All Communications shall be in writing when made or shall be confirmed in writing, by the Contractor, within twenty-four (24) hours of the communication.
Superintendent. 3:40-E Exhibit - Checklist for the Superintendent Employment Contract Negotiation Process 3:50 Administrative Personnel Other Than the Superintendent 3:60 Administrative Responsibility of the Building Principal 3:70 Succession of Authority SECTION 4 - OPERATIONAL SERVICES 4:10 Fiscal and Business Management 4:15 Identity Protection 4:20 Fund Balances
Superintendent. The person employed by the school committee pursuant to M.G.L. c. 71 §59 and §59A. The superintendent is responsible for the implementation of 603 CMR 35.00.
Superintendent. Should the grievance not be resolved at Step 1, the grievance may be appealed to the Superintendent or designee within ten (10) working days. Within ten (10) working days after receipt, at a mutually agreeable time, the Superintendent will meet with the concerned parties and shall make every effort to meet to resolve the alleged grievance. The Superintendent will have ten (10) working days to issue his written answer to the parties of interest. Should the grievance not be resolved at Step 2, the grievant may request resolution of the grievance by a written request for resolution by an arbitrator in accordance with the procedures set forth below. Step 3 – Arbitration If the grievant and union are not satisfied with the disposition at Step 2, the issue may be submitted to arbitration within ten (10) working days after the receipt of the disposition at Step 2. Within ten (10) working days following the receipt of the grievant’s request for arbitration, the grievant and his or her designated representative shall mutually petition the American Arbitration Association (AAA) to provide both parties with a list of names from which an arbitrator will be selected using the rules of AAA. OAPSE will provide a copy of said petition to the Superintendent. A second list may be requested by either party. The arbitrator shall not have any authority to rule contrary to the law of the State of Ohio. The arbitrator shall confirm himself-herself to the precise issue(s) submitted for arbitration and shall have no authority to decide any other issue(s) not so submitted to him/her or to submit observations or declarations or opinions which are not essential in reaching his/her decision. The Union shall pay all compensation and expenses of the arbitrator should the arbitrator not award the relief the grievant is seeking. If the arbitrator awards the relief the grievant is seeking, the Board shall pay these expenses. The arbitrator shall hold such meetings that he/she determines necessary to make a fair and impartial ruling on the grievances as stated. The ruling of the arbitrator shall be made in writing to the parties – Superintendent, Board, and Union. The arbitrator’s ruling is final and binding on the parties.
Superintendent. The Contractor shall maintain on site, at all times during the construction activities, a dedicated competent Superintendent. In addition to a General Superintendent and other administrative and supervisory personnel required for the performance of the Work, the Contractor shall provide specific coordinating personnel as reasonably required for interfacing of all the Work required for the total project, all satisfactory to County Project Manager. The superintendent shall not be changed except with consent of County Project Manager, unless the superintendent proves to be unsatisfactory to the Contractor and ceases to be in his employ, in which case he shall be replaced within 24 hours by a superintendent acceptable to County Project Manager. The superintendent shall represent the Contractor in his absence and all directions given to him shall be binding as if given to the Contractor.
Superintendent. CONTRACTOR shall at all times have at the Project/Service site as its agent a competent superintendent capable and thoroughly experienced in the type of work being performed, who shall receive instructions from the COUNTY. The superintendent shall supervise all trades, direct all Project/Service activities, establish and maintain installation schedules, and provide the COUNTY’s Project Manager with progress reports as requested. The superintendent shall have full authority to execute the orders or directions of the COUNTY, and if applicable to supply promptly any materials, tools, equipment, labor and incidentals which may be required. Such superintendent shall be furnished regardless of the amount of work sublet. The CONTRACTOR’s superintendent shall speak, write, and understand English and shall be on the job site during all working hours.
Superintendent. Within five (5) days of receipt of the appeal a meeting shall be arranged to include the grievant, a representative of the Association, the grievant’s immediate supervisor (if involved in the grievance), and the Superintendent. Others who might contribute to a better understanding of the issues involved may also be present. The Superintendent shall provide both the grievant and the Association with a written response to the Grievance Review Request within five (5) days after this meeting. Such response shall include reasons upon which the decision is based. Grievants not satisfied with the disposition of the their grievance at Level III or if no decision has been rendered within five (5) days after presentation of the grievance, then the grievance may be referred to the Board of Directors within five (5) days of receipt of the Superintendent’s decision.
Superintendent. Professional Clerical Other:
Superintendent. 3:40-E Exhibit - Checklist for the Superintendent Employment Contract Negotiation Process
Superintendent. The secretary and executive officer of the Miami-Dade County School Board who is responsible for the administration of the schools and for supervision of instruction in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools.