Summons Sample Clauses

Summons. A summons must be in the same form as a warrant except that it must re- quire the defendant to appear before a mag- istrate judge at a stated time and place.
Summons. Leave with pay shall be granted to satisfy the requirements of a legal summons when connected to a job related matter. The unit member shall notify the principal in advance of such absence. Full pay shall be allowed except where the unit member is found guilty of a criminal offense.
Summons. The summons shall be in the same form as the warrant except that it shall summon the defendant to appear before a mag- istrate 1 at a stated time and place.
Summons. Where an employee is summoned as a witness in a court proceeding or as a witness on behalf of the Company, the pay provisions as in Article 19.02 shall apply.
Summons. 6.6.1 EK Services will issue a Summons where a customer has not made payment in accordance with the previous notices issued.
Summons. Summons will be queued up as violations meet the criteria for summons processing. As court dockets will allow, associates will select summons to be escalated to court and will generate summons documents. One summons will be generated for each violation record. Once a summons has been generated, the Service Center will no longer be able to post a payment or process a dispute. Summons amounts will include: civil penalty admin fee, toll, and any other charges. At the hearing the judge will also apply court charges. Rules governing civil penalties are as follows: • 1st offence $50 civil penalty • 2nd offence $150 civil penalty • 3rd offence $250 civil penalty • 4th offence $500 civil penalty
Summons. 1. An employee summoned by the Medical Director to a conference which may lead to disciplinary action for reasons of misconduct may be accompanied, at his/her option, by the chapter leader or a designated alternate.
Summons. The summons must be in the same form as a warrant except that it must re- Rule 9 TITLE 18, APPENDIX—RULES OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Page 44 quire the defendant to appear before the court at a stated time and place.
Summons. Axtel and Telmex hereby irrevocably agree that they may only be summoned for any action or procedure associated to this Agreement in the conventional domicile stated herein.
Summons. The summons of the General Meetings shall be made in writing and sent to each partner at the address provided for such purpose, including the place, day and time of the meeting, as well as the agenda with a concrete statement of the matters to be discussed. A minimum of fifteen days should be provided between the summons and the day established for the Meeting on first call. The date and time when of Meetings on second call shall also be recorded, and the term between both meetings shall not be less than one hour.