Court proceeding definition

Court proceeding means any proceeding before a court of record.
Court proceeding means an appearance before the court, such as a hearing or trial.
Court proceeding means any civil action

Examples of Court proceeding in a sentence

  • Undignified or discourteous conduct that is degrading to a Court proceeding may result in a finding of contempt or other sanctions.

  • In order to observe the requirement of an open Court proceeding, members of the public will be allowed to view Court hearings conducted through video conferencing, except proceedings conducted in-camera.

  • A party to a P&E Court proceeding may appeal a decision in the proceeding, but only on the ground of error or mistake in law or jurisdictional error.

  • Without providing any notice of the Tribal Children’s Court proceeding to the Fathers, the Tribal Children’s Court concluded that it had personal and subject matter jurisdiction over the matter and granted two Temporary Custody Orders awarding custody of the children first to Ted, and then to Jessica, until further Order of the Tribal Children’s Court.

  • City of Tustin (2021) 70 Cal.App.5th 951 [16-pump (32-fuel position) gas station with a canopy, related equipment, landscaping, and 56 new parking stalls].) In a recent Monterey County Superior Court proceeding, our law firm prevailed indefending a larger Grocery Outlet project approved by King City based on the Class 32 categorical exemption.

More Definitions of Court proceeding

Court proceeding means all action taken by a court from the earlier of (1) the time a complaint is filed and (2) the time a person first appears before an officer of a juvenile court until the court relinquishes jurisdiction over such child.
Court proceeding means any civil action brought in state district court;
Court proceeding means any civil
Court proceeding means a proceeding conducted by a court or under the authority of a court, including, but not limited to:
Court proceeding means a civil, criminal, or juvenile proceeding, or a deposition in a civil case filed in a court of record. However, “court proceeding” does not include a small claims proceeding.
Court proceeding. ’ means any action brought in this Court in connection with the determination, collection, or refund of tax, interest, or penalty.
Court proceeding means a hearing, argument or other action scheduled by and held before a court;