Pacific Time Sample Clauses

Pacific Time. If enabled by Platform, the Same Day ACH means that the transfer will be performed within one (1) business day. Any same day ACH transfer scheduled after the cut-off time will be treated as if it were scheduled as next day ACH transfer. In some circumstances, transactions may be delayed for risk or compliance reasons.
Pacific Time. You and Your means the Subscriber and any Dependents covered under this Agreement.
Pacific Time. In the event that EDISON does not so execute and deliver the Agreement as stated in the preceding sentence, it shall so notify SELLER not later than June 18, 2001 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, and EDISON and SELLER shall have no further obligations with respect to this Agreement, which shall be deemed a nullity.
Pacific Time. If the Subscriber wishes to add a newborn child as a De- pendent 32 or more days after birth, Blue Shield of Cali- fornia will require the submission of a completed appli- cation and the child will be subject to medical underwriting. This may result in the child being declined coverage by Blue Shield of California.
Pacific Time. To add a child placed for adoption to this Agreement as a Dependent, the Subscriber must contact Blue Shield of California at the Customer Service telephone number listed at the back of this booklet. The Customer Service Department will advise the Subscriber of the exact pro- cess for adding a child place for adoption as a Depend- ent, including, but not limited to, the necessary docu- mentation and how the documentation shall be submitted to Blue Shield of California. Enrollment requests for an adopted child must be accompanied by evidence of the Subscriber's, spouse's, or Domestic Partner’s right to control the child's health care, which includes a facility minor release report, a medical authorization form, or a relinquishment form. If the Subscriber wishes to add a child placed for adop- tion as a Dependent 32 or more days after the date the Subscriber, spouse, or Domestic Partner has the right to control the child’s health care, Blue Shield of California will require the submission of a completed application, and the child will be subject to medical underwriting. This may result in the child being declined coverage by Blue Shield of California.
Pacific Time. If there are technical problems with Fund/SERV, or if the parties are not able to transmit or receive information through Fund/SERV (e.g., by fax), the Company shall provide telephone notification to the Fund by 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time and shall re-transmit the request so that it is received by the Fund by 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time on the next following Business Day.
Pacific Time. If the Subscriber ceases work because of retirement, disability, leave of absence, temporary layoff, or ter- mination, he or she should contact the Employer or Blue Shield for information on options for continued group coverage or individual options. If the Em- ployer is subject to the California Family Rights Act of 1991 and/or the federal Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993, and the approved leave of absence is for family leave under the terms of such Act(s), a Sub- xxxxxxx’x payment of Premiums will keep coverage in force for such period of time as specified in such Act(s). The Employer is solely responsible for noti- fying their Employee of the availability and duration of family leaves.
Pacific Time. Contractor shall maintain an office with a telephone in the company’s name. At least one Contractor employee that can respond to inquiries and complaints shall staff the office during the hours of 8:00a.m – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. When the office is closed, an answering service shall be provided to receive calls.
Pacific Time. Each prepayment will be applied as follows: (a) first, to the payment of interest accrued on all Loans outstanding, and (b) second, to the extent that the amount of such prepayment exceeds the amount of all such accrued interest, to the payment of principal on such Loan or Loans as Borrower may designate.
Pacific Time. 11. Over-the-counter (OTC) items: You are enti- tled to a two-time use per quarter Allowance for OTC drugs and supplies, as shown in the Summary of Benefits. Items such as aspirin, vitamins, cold and cough preparations, and bandages are covered under this benefit. Items such as cosmetics and food supplements are not covered under this benefit. The OTC Items Catalog and ordering instruc- tions are available online at You can order items by phone at 0- 000-000-0000 (TTY: 711) from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. or online at You cannot roll over your unused Allowance into the next quarter. Additional limitations may apply. Refer to the OTC Items Catalog for more information.