Sewer Sample Clauses

Sewer. If applicable to the development, Developer shall construct sanitary sewer lines as shown upon the Development Plan. Developer shall construct the same, manholes (if any) and all appurtenances in accordance with the Development Plan and upon completion and testing by the contractor and the Town Engineer the Town shall accept the same within the proposed right-of-way lines for ownership and maintenance.
Sewer. Sewer service for the Property will be provided by means of individual septic tanks and xxxxx fields, to be constructed and maintained by each Owner. No systems of the evapotranspiration type are permitted unless required by the El Paso County Health Department or other governmental agency of proper jurisdiction and approved under the Augmentation Plan.
Sewer. Underground mains to be extended to restrooms, janitor's rooms, etc. A four (4) inch sewer line to be provided to each leased premises of sufficient depth to enable sewer access to all points within the premises.
Sewer. The Owner shall be responsible for all costs related to sewer system improvements required for the Project. If the sewerage needs of the Project are met through arrangements with Wakefield, the Owner shall effectuate such arrangements directly with Wakefield, including payment of any fees, inflow and infiltration removal costs, any charges of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (“MWRA”), including those that may be assessed to the Town as a result of the Project, and the actual costs of connection and construction. Alternatively, if the Owner determines to address the sewerage needs of the Project by the construction of an on-site wastewater treatment plant in Lynnfield, the Owner shall be responsible for all costs of permitting and construction thereof.
Sewer. The proposed Extension will consist of approximately _ linear feet of sewer pipe and appurtenances, and shall be designed and installed in accordance with this Agreement, the Developer Extension condition letter attached as Exhibit B, and the District approved Standards and Specifications. The proposed sewer system extension shall be installed in streets and other approved rights-of-way and/or easements and shall be for the use and benefit of the property herein described.
Sewer. Owner represents and warrants that the Property is served by a (check appropriate box /x/ public sewer system or / / private septic system, and that, if the Property is served by a public sewer system, the cost of installation of such sewer system has been fully paid, except (it will be assumed no known exceptions exist unless they are specified here): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------.
Sewer. Maintaining the interior of your property and its mechanicals is extremely important. To start, backups caused by foreign objects and materials being flushed or drained is a common problem. Products that are grease based and could potentially solidify shall never be flushed or drained. You shall not allow any solids down a toilet or drain that could snag in the line and cause a blockage. Common examples of this would be hair, feminine products, disposable cleaning materials and paper products other than toilet paper. If service is requested on a drain line for any reason unless caused solely by root intrusion or a defect in the sewer line it is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the cost of that service. If the back-up you are experiencing is from a single sink, toilet or tub it’s very likely the issue is not with roots in the main line. A “hand-rooter” can be purchased from your local hardware store. (rev 12/29/14) X X X X X Page 1 of 4 Tenant Tenant Tenant Tenant Agent PLUMBING Plumbing issues for the most part are the Landlord’s responsibility, though there are a few exceptions. As written in your lease contract you are responsible for the cost of replacing broken water pipes and additional damages if you failed to take proper precautions to prevent such damage during periods of cold weather, when outside temperatures fall below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. During these periods of cold temperature you are also required to remove all hoses from exterior spigots, and in such an instance if a broken pipe and water damage are the result of a spigot cracking due to freeze damage you will be responsible for the cost of repair and remediation. You must also take necessary precautions during the warm months, as plumbing issues can happen in any season. If you leave town for a few days, turn off the main interior water valve, briefly run a faucet in the lowest level of the house to drain the system, and make sure to have a friend or family member checking on the property daily. MECHANICAL We do need your help in order to maintain the property to a high standard. You are responsible for changing or cleaning (if the filter is washable) the furnace filter monthly. If you have further questions about the frequency of changing the filter we recommend you verify the type of filter, and then contact your utility company for further instruction. Also, if you have an issue related to your furnace, you need to check to see if the pilot light is still lit and either attempt to l...