Sewer Sample Clauses

Sewer. If applicable to the development, Developer shall construct sanitary sewer lines as shown upon the Development Plan. Developer shall construct the same, manholes (if any) and all appurtenances in accordance with the Development Plan and upon completion and testing by the contractor and the Town Engineer the Town shall accept the same within the proposed right-of-way lines for ownership and maintenance.
Sewer a Gravity trunk sewer 375 dia - Rising main to Jerra connection $ - $ 205,785 b Local sewer 225 dia - Ridgeline to Tompsitt Dr plus ties (153m) $ - $ 56,191 c Local sewer 225 dia - Ridgeline Innovation Hub to School (260m) $ - $ 67,945 d Local sewer 225 dia - Innovation Hub to School (190m) $ - $ 42,294 e Local sewer 225 dia - School to Bayside pump station (424m) $ - $ 154,587 f Rising Mains (180 & 250 dia) $ - $ -
Sewer a Gravity trunk sewer 375 diameter - Rising main to Jerrabomberra connection $ - b Local sewer 225 diameter - Ridgeline to Tompsitt Dr plus ties (153m) $ -
Sewer. Owner represents and warrants that the Property is served by a (check appropriate box /x/ public sewer system or / / private septic system, and that, if the Property is served by a public sewer system, the cost of installation of such sewer system has been fully paid, except (it will be assumed no known exceptions exist unless they are specified here): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------.
Sewer. Sublessee is to make payment, upon presentation of a bill by Sublessor, for the then current sewage charge by the municipality for the Demised Premises, and the amount thereof shall be deemed Additional Rent hereunder. Lessor warrants that a sewer line of at least 6" or greater services the Demised Premises.
Sewer. The sewer service is provided by the local authority. New information was asked for from the N.A.T.O., Belgacom, S.W.D.E., A.L.E., forces armées, A.L.G. Only the information from Belgacom reached us at the date of the report. Other information will be sent later. Date: 23th September 2002 Page: 21/44 This section discusses the Walloon legislation regarding environmental practices. The present legislation in Walloon relating to environmental protection is not well developed. Only in specific domains exists a legislation (f.e. waste). The authorities are aware of the current situation and have worked out a new legislation. The new decree should replace the old legislation. However one is still waiting for new implementing regulations. Until then the old regulations stay into use. According to the local authorities it will probably take another two years before this new legislation will be officially enforced.
Sewer. If, Flush $ 71.50 $ 78.00