Separate Sample Clauses

Separate. Separate insurance policies issued for each individual entity, with each entity included as a named insured or as an additional insured; or
Separate. Bargaining Unit seniority lists for part time and full time employees will be prepared by the Company and will be posted in February and August of each year. Copies will be supplied to the Union office and Union committee.
Separate. Sheet [1] These Services The Business shall involve the following communication services and so forth:
Separate seniority lists of full-time and part-time employees, covered by this Agreement, shall be posted by the Employer on a designated bulletin board, yearly by January 31st and prior to any layoff. The initial seniority lists shall be open for correction by the individual employees and the Union for a period of thirty (30) calendar days following posting after ratification or release of the Arbitration Award. The lists shall also include the seniority standing, job classification for each employee employed within the bargaining unit described in Article 2.01 of this agreement. Two copies of such lists will be forwarded to the appropriate designated Local Representative on such dates or soon thereafter. An electronic copy of the said seniority lists shall be sent to the Labour Relations Officer.
Separate. 8.16 Each representation and warranty in this clause 8 is to be construed independently of each other representation and warranty in, and each other provision of, this agreement. The interpretation of any statement made may not be restricted by reference to or inference from any other statement.
Separate. Short Pool Crew” assigned solely to any of the subdivisions in these territories may also be maintained if there is sufficient mileage (as determined under mileage regulation agreements and understandings), and such “Short Pool Crews” will rotate among themselves, separated entirely from the “Long Pool Crews.” Where “Short Pool Crews” are not maintained, or where maintained but not available, service that is to be performed entirely on one subdivision (i.e., not interdivisional) except as otherwise provided herein shall be protected by crews made up of extra men.
Separate. Agreements Theatre acknowledges that if it does not engage in other productions and receives no credit, Dramaturg is free to enter into a separate agreement with the playwright, director, or new producer for credit or employment in subsequent productions.
Separate seniority schedules shall be established for regular full-time and part- time employees as defined. Seniority schedules posted in accordance with 11.04 above shall include the name of the employee, his classification and his last date of hire. Part-time seniority shall at all times be subordinate to regular full-time seniority for the purposes of lay-off and recall.