Commercial area definition

Commercial area means an area in which at least 75% of the property is devoted
Commercial area means an area in which at least 75% of the property is devoted to the interchange of goods or commodities.
Commercial area means the gross square footage underlying the retail shop space located on the ground floor of the Premises.

Examples of Commercial area in a sentence

  • In the event of damage to or destruction of all or any part of the Premises or Facilities, the Ground Rent, Base Rent and, if applicable, Fuel Sales Fees and Non-fuel Sales Fees, Utility Costs and Commercial Area Cost Allocations shall not xxxxx, except that the Authority may reduce a particular rent to the extent that the Authority’s costs or obligations pertaining to the Lease have likewise been abated or reduced.

  • About 65% customer are service holder because of close proximity to Motijheel Commercial Area and Paltan Commercial Area.

  • Nasreen Mehmood and Abdul Hameed Asghar seeking their eviction from ground, mezzanine and first floors of the building constructed on Plot No.25-C, Survey Sheet No.35-P/1, Commercial Area ‘C’, Block 2, P.E.C.H.S., Karachi (“demised premises”) on the grounds of personal need and unauthorized alterations in the demised premises.

  • Any lapses to provide essential information may result in dis-qualification of the Applicant.3.1.5 The clarification may be obtained from office working hours (9:00 AM to 4:30 PM) by written or oral at the following address;Chief Engineer (Electrical), Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company (PIEDMC) Commercial Area (North), Sundar Industrial Estate, Raiwand Road, Lahore.

  • Throughout the Construction Period and Term, Lessee shall pay to the Authority certain rentals and fees including the following: Ground Rent, Base Rent, Fuel Sales Fee, Non- Fuel Sales Fee, Utility Costs and Commercial Area Cost Allocation, all of which are further defined below.

More Definitions of Commercial area

Commercial area means a district where any horti- cultural product is being produced to the extent that a pro- ducer is dependent thereon, in whole or in part, for his or her livelihood.
Commercial area and means commercial zoned land in the Wairarapa Combined District Plan (or subsequent District Plan) at the time the relevant off‐license application is determined, and
Commercial area means any area occupied by businesses which sell, rent, trade, or store goods, or which provide a service.
Commercial area means the common property utilised only by the commercial owners including but not limited to any common facility serving only the commercial owners;
Commercial area means an area, including all publicly owned sidewalks, alleys, parking areas, public places, outdoor dining areas, service areas, etc. within areas zoned in the City’s Comprehensive Plan as regional/community commercial (including Downtown, California Avenue Business District, Town and Country, and Stanford Shopping Center) and Neighborhood Commercial.
Commercial area means an area zoned commercial or business under the Greater Dandenong Planning Scheme.
Commercial area means those commercial districts described in chapter