Selection definition

Selection means the determination by the DOE Selection Official that negotiations take place for certain Projects with the intent of awarding a Financial Assistance instrument.
Selection means the process of making decisions about the matching of candidates taking into account individual differences and the requirements of the job.
Selection means the process of choosing suitably qualified applicants using the application form for referral to job openings in a number specified by the employer.

Examples of Selection in a sentence

  • Customers purchasing Cloud Solutions from this Participating Addendum shall attach to the purchase order a completed Contractor Selection Justification Form (Exhibit D of this Participating Addendum, incorporated herein by reference and accessible at: xxxxx:// greements/alternate_contract_source/cloud_solutions/forms).

  • An audit shall be conducted by the WSDOT Internal Audit Office in accordance with generally accepted governmental auditing standards as issued by the United States General Accounting Office by the Comptroller General of the United States; WSDOT Manual M 27-50, Consultant Authorization, Selection, and Agreement Administration; memoranda of understanding between WSDOT and FHWA; and 2 CFR Part 200.501 - Audit Requirements.

  • The Selection Committee will review all written proposals that meet the minimum requirements and will select what it deems to be the top two to four proposals for further review.

  • Selection shall be based on the responsible Service Provider(s) whose proposal is determined to be the best value to the City of Xxxxx, considering the relative importance of the evaluation criteria listed herein.

  • These items and the maximum total price allowance (“Allowance”) for each specified selection category are as shown on the “Owner Selection Allowance Schedule Worksheet,” attached as Exhibit B.

More Definitions of Selection

Selection means a subgroup of a variety and includes clones, lines, and strains.
Selection means a Musical Composition, poem, dramatic work, comedy routine, or other verbal expression;
Selection. The Student’s choice or the Department’s assignment of a specific Room. Space: A bed in a traditional, suite, or apartment in the Residence Hall. Student: An individual that has been admitted to the University. University: University of South Florida
Selection means a subgroup of a variety and commonly used terms include line selection, clonal selection, or strain selection.
Selection means a subgroup of a potato variety and includes clones, lines, strains, and sports.
Selection means selection into the accredited Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Training Program.
Selection means a play element or play elements chosen by an individual participating in a lottery or by computer on behalf of such individual and entitling such individual to participate in a lottery;