The Buyer must Sample Clauses

The Buyer must. 9.5.1. promptly provide references and other relevant information; and
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The Buyer must. B.1 Payment of the price Pay the price as provided in the contract of sale.
The Buyer must. Timely order and pay for the Internet services of the Seller. Timely provide all the necessary and reliable information for the provision of services and about him and the persons to whom the services will be provided according to the application of the Buyer on the Seller’s website.
The Buyer must. (a) use its reasonable endeavours to minimise loss or damage arising from any alleged quality defect;
The Buyer must. 11.2.1. Effect and maintain with a reputable insurance company insurance for the Products, as its own cost, against all risk as it thinks appropriate.
The Buyer must a) store the Products with care and as the recognisable property of MVD Europe;
The Buyer must. (a) commence construction of the Dwelling on the Land (in accordance with these Housing Covenants) by the date 12 months after settlement of the Contract;
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The Buyer must. 16.4.1 ensure at all times that each person to whom the Confidential Information has been disclosed pursuant to this clause complies with the terms of this clause;
The Buyer must use its reasonable efforts to cause Bio Nova Holdings Pty Ltd to maintain its product liability insurance policy (the Product Policy) at the level in effect on the Closing until at least 30 August 2018, with the Selling Shareholder Representative named as an interested party; provided, however that:
The Buyer must. B.1 General obligations of the buyer Pay the price as provided in the contract of sale. Any document referred to in B1-B10 may be an equivalent electronic record or procedure if agreed between the parties or customary.
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