Scenario Sample Clauses

Scenario. New JobsRevised Jobs 2. If there is disagreement concerning jurisdiction of a position, The Society will notify Labour Relations, OPG Human Resources within 10 working days of having received the document. The two parties will use the 10 working days to attempt to resolve the dispute. 3. If the two parties are not able to resolve the dispute, Management reserves the right to implement the position with the jurisdiction as proposed. At the same time, The Society has the right to file a grievance over the jurisdiction of the position. 4. Management will notify The Society office of any jurisdictional grievance filed by another trade union against a Society- represented position and will advise The Society of any change in status (e.g., referred to next step, resolved, withdrawn). 5. Attachment 1 is the exclusion form which will be used in accordance with this process. The Society’s agreement to exclude any position under this process is without prejudice to its position in any proceedings and will not limit The Society’s right to challenge the exclusion at a later point in time.ATTACHMENT 1 - Request for Society ExclusionNote: Before an occupation code can be issued, completion of the shaded areas by Line Management and/or Human Resources is mandatory.DateJob TitleSchedule/GradeBusiness unitDivisionDepartment This is a: new document code: revised and previously excluded document - existing occupation code: revised and previously included document - existing occupation SOCIETY UNIT DIRECTOR Agreed Disagreed If disagreed, why? Society Unit Director (signature) Date: SOCIETY STAFF OFFICER Agreed Disagreed If disagreed, why? Society Staff Officer (signature) Date: Managerial Exclusion Confidential Exclusion Within Another Trade Union Greater than 335 points (The Society’s agreement to exclude any position from its jurisdiction is without prejudice to challenge this exclusion at a later point.)Line Management (signature) Date:Human Resources Department (signature) Date:Note: See Article 2 of The Society-OPG Collective Agreement for the complete Recognition Clause and Appendix VIII & IX. For clarification or information regarding exclusion, please contact your Human Resources Officer or Labour Relations - Corporate HR or The Society Office or a Society Unit Director. 2.7 Successor Rights 2.7.1 OPG agrees that it will not directly or indirectly request government to exempt the Company or The Society from the successor rights provisions of the applicable labour rela...
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Scenario. Jon, who is a candidate in the election, is so drunk he doesn’t re- member who he is. He watches TV and sees a candidate he finds terrific, thinking that this guy must be a hero. This candidate happens to be Jon himself though he doesn’t realize it.
Scenario. Rani took an exam, and later saw the top 10 scores with the scorer’s student ID numbers. She forgot her own ID number, so did not know who was who. Looking to the top score, she thinks: ”This student definitely passed!” But it turned out she was that student.
Scenario. Texte décrivant, séquence par séquence et scène par scène, le comportement, l'évolution des personnages et les dialogues, ainsi que la narration s'il y a lieu, écrit en vue de la production d'une œuvre cinématographique.