Risk Sample Clauses

Risk. 17.1 With effect from the date of the Contract of Sale, solely between the Purchaser and MBSB, the risk relating to the property shall be that of the Purchaser as regard to loss and/or damage (full or partial) of whatsoever nature or howsoever occurring to the property.
Risk. The Property is at the Buyer’s risk from 5pm on the first Business Day after the Contract Date.
Risk. The Subscriber recognizes that the purchase of Units in the Company involves a high degree of risk in that (i) the Company has no operating history; (ii) an investment in the Company is highly speculative, and only investors who can afford the loss of their entire investment should consider investing in the Company; (iii) the Subscriber may not be able to liquidate his, her or its investment; (iv) transferability of the Units is extremely limited; and (v) in the event of a disposition, the Subscriber could sustain the loss of his, her or its entire investment.
Risk. The Holder understands that its investment in the Exchange Securities involves a high degree of risk. The Holder is able to bear the risk of an investment in the Exchange Securities including, without limitation, the risk of total loss of its investment. The Holder has sought such accounting, legal and tax advice as it has considered necessary to make an informed investment decision with respect to the Exchange. There is no assurance that the Exchange Securities or any securities into which the Exchange Securities may convert will continue to be quoted, traded or listed for trading or quotation on the OTCBB or on any other organized market or quotation system.
Risk a. Notwithstanding Retention of Title provisions as per clause 3 hereof, the risk in Goods purchased shall pass to the Customer upon delivery to the Customer or its agent or a carrier nominated by the Customer.
Risk. The Subscriber acknowledges that the purchase of the Stock involves a high degree of risk, is aware of the risks and further acknowledges that it can bear the economic risk of the Stock, including the total loss of its investment;
Risk. All personal property of any kind or description whatsoever in the demised Premises shall be at Lessee’s sole risk. Lessor shall not be liable for any damage done to or loss of such personal property or damage or loss suffered by the business or occupation of the Lessee arising from any acts or neglect of co-tenants or other occupants of the building, or of Lessor or the employees of Lessor, or of any other persons, or from bursting, overflowing or leaking of water, sewer or steam pipes, or from the heating or plumbing or sprinklering fixtures, or from electric wires, or from gas, or odors, or caused in any other manner whatsoever except in the case of negligence on the part of Lessor. Lessee shall keep in force throughout the term of this lease such casualty, general liability and business interruption insurance as a prudent tenant occupying and using the Premises would keep in force.
Risk. Where there is a shipment to or from the Custodian of Bullion, all right, title and risk in and to such Bullion shall pass at the Point of Delivery to the relevant person for whose account the Bullion is being delivered.
Risk. Where there is a shipment from the Custodian of Physical Gold, all right, title and risk in and to such Physical Gold shall pass at the Point of Delivery to the relevant person for whose account the Physical Gold is being delivered.