Requests for Proposals Sample Clauses

Requests for Proposals. Technical Approach • How do they address each task/subtask? • Do they offer an innovative approach? • Do they demonstrate an organized approach? • Does their proposed schedule match your needs? Requests for Proposals Technical Approach • Demonstrate an ability to manage the Admin Record? Do they offer any unique tools? • Demonstrate proven expertise in particular subject matter areasfor example, visual resource inventories? Travel management analysis?
Requests for Proposals. Fee • In direct contract situations, what is the best value to the government? • In third‐party situations, the fee estimate or fee proposal is typically submitted under separate cover to the proponent only. Selection Process Rules of Thumb • Convene a 3, 5, or 7‐member selection panelEstablish 3 or more weighted selection criteria • Be able to defend selecting a higher‐ priced proposal • Be able to defend the findings Example Evaluation Criteria ‐ Understanding key requirements by demonstrating technical approach = 20% ‐ Travel management inventory = 10% ‐ Socioeconomic analysis = 10% ‐ Ability to conduct alternatives development, public comment analysis, and coordinate and communicate with the public = 10% ‐ Price = 10% Memoranda of Understanding • Spells out responsibilities of all partiesProvides tool to resolve disputes • Defines roles of all parties Essential Components of MOU • Introduction, project descriptionDescription of PartnersPurpose of MOUAuthority for MOU • Roles and responsibilities • How to address conflicts of interest • How to resolve disputes
Requests for Proposals. (RFP) for federally funded professional engineering services shall be reviewed by the Department’s «Region» Region T/LPA Coordinator before the Public Entity may advertise the procurement. After concurrence, the Public Entity can advertise the RFP and can enter into a contract with the consultant pursuant to the Department’s Consultant Services Procedures Manual or the Public Entity’s own procedures as long as those comply with 23 CFR Part 172. If the Public Entity uses its own funds for design or construction engineering, no approvals for the consultant selection or process are required.
Requests for Proposals. Technical ApproachDemonstrate a solid grasp of your project, the body of work to be completed, and likely issues? • Other ways they demonstrate technical expertise or special competence?
Requests for Proposals. From and after the Closing and until the earlier to occur of (a) the fourth anniversary of Term-Conversion and (b) Borrower having entered into Bidding Threshold Power Sales Agreements covering, in the aggregate, at least 75 MW of "firm" energy and/or capacity, unless Agent otherwise consents, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, submit or cause Power Marketer to submit on its behalf, bona fide, good faith bids on all requests for proposal or similar offers which can then be supplied in whole or in part from the Project to enter into Bidding Threshold Power Sales Agreements and/or Pasadena Unit Power Sales Agreements meeting the requirements of a Bidding Threshold Power Sales Agreement.
Requests for Proposals. Organization / Personnel Experience • Demonstrate an ability to mobilize and organize a project team? • Do the resumes of key personnel support their ability to perform the work and their stated expertise? • Has this team worked together on similar projects? Requests for Proposals Organization / Personnel Experience • Do resource specialists have the necessary qualifications to perform the work? • Who is the proposed Project Manager, has he/she performed in this role on similar efforts? Requests for Proposals Organization / Personnel Experience • Where is the Project Manager/team physically located? • What is their capacity to perform the work? • What other qualifications or proven expertise does the proposed team bring to the table? Requests for Proposals Past Experience • Have they provided recent client references? • What is their performance history on similar projects? On BLM projects, specifically? • Demonstrate an ability to be flexible to meet schedules, control costs, and balance workloads?
Requests for Proposals. In the event City desires Off-Site Services, the Project Administrator shall distribute a Request for Proposals to those consultants that the City has an agreement with to perform Building Inspection and Plan Review Services. In response, if Consultant wishes to be considered, Consultant may provide a responsive proposal to the Project Administrator in written electronic format by the deadline set forth in the Request for Proposal for a specific project. If the Consultant does not timely submit a proposal, the City shall deem the Consultant non-responsive and Consultant shall be disqualified from providing plan review on that specific project.

Related to Requests for Proposals

  • Request for Proposals (RFP) A type of Bid Document that is used for procurements where factors in addition to cost are considered and weighted in awarding the contract and where the award will be made based on “best value,” as defined by the State Finance Law, to the responsive and responsible Bidder(s).

  • Proposals 7.2 Requests by the Association or the Board to amend the existing Agreement must be submitted in writing no later than September 30 of each school year in which the contract expires. Time Limit - Impasse

  • Requests for Approval If the Administrative Agent requests in writing the consent or approval of a Lender, such Lender shall respond and either approve or disapprove definitively in writing to the Administrative Agent within ten Business Days (or sooner if such notice specifies a shorter period for responses based on Administrative Agent’s good faith determination that circumstances exist warranting its request for an earlier response) after such written request from the Administrative Agent. If the Lender does not so respond, that Lender shall be deemed to have approved the request.

  • Requests for Assistance The Depositary or your securities broker, financial institution, trustee, custodian or other nominee can assist you in completing this Letter of Transmittal (see the back page of this Letter of Transmittal for addresses and telephone numbers of the Depositary).

  • Requests for Payment Payments shall be made in accordance with Article I.4 of the Special Conditions.

  • REQUESTS FOR CREDIT Each request for an extension of credit will be made in writing in a manner acceptable to the Bank, or by another means acceptable to the Bank.

  • Requests for Advances Any Line advance permitted under this Agreement must be requested by telephone or in a writing delivered to the Bank (or transmitted via facsimile) by any person reasonably believed by the Bank to be an authorized officer of the Borrower. The Bank will not consider any such request if there is an event which is, or with notice or the lapse of time would be, an event of default under this Agreement. Proceeds will be deposited into the Borrower's account at the Bank or disbursed in such other manner as the parties agree.

  • Requests for Loans The Borrower (i) shall notify the Agent of a potential request for a Loan as soon as possible prior to the Borrower's proposed Drawdown Date, and (ii) shall give to the Agent written notice in the form of Exhibit B hereto (or telephonic notice confirmed in writing in the form of Exhibit B hereto) of each Loan requested hereunder (a "Loan Request") no less than three (3) Business Days prior to the proposed Drawdown Date. Each such notice shall specify with respect to the requested Loan the proposed principal amount, Drawdown Date, Interest Period (if applicable) and Type. Each such notice shall also contain (i) a statement as to the purpose for which such advance shall be or has been used (which purpose shall be in accordance with the terms of Section 7.11), and (ii) a certification by the chief financial or chief accounting officer of the general partner of the Borrower and the chief financial or chief accounting officer of the Guarantor that the Borrower and Guarantor are and will be in compliance with all covenants under the Loan Documents after giving effect to the making of such Loan. Notwithstanding anything in this Section 2.5 to the contrary, the Borrower shall be permitted to use the proceeds of a Loan to reimburse the Borrower for amounts paid from its own funds to acquire Real Estate, to develop undeveloped Real Estate (subject to the restrictions set forth in Section 8.9) or for Capital Improvement Projects with respect thereto. Promptly upon receipt of any such notice, the Agent shall notify each of the Banks thereof. Except as provided in this Section 2.5, each such Loan Request shall be irrevocable and binding on the Borrower and shall obligate the Borrower to accept the Loan requested from the Banks on the proposed Drawdown Date, provided that, in addition to the Borrower's other remedies against any Bank which fails to advance its proportionate share of a requested Loan, such Loan Request may be revoked by the Borrower by notice received by the Agent no later than the Drawdown Date if any Bank fails to advance its proportionate share of the requested Loan in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, provided further, that the Borrower shall be liable in accordance with the terms of this Agreement to any Bank which is prepared to advance its proportionate share of the requested Loan for any costs, expenses or damages actually incurred by such Bank as a result of the Borrower's election to revoke such Loan Request. Nothing herein shall prevent the Borrower from seeking recourse against any Bank that fails to advance its proportionate share of a requested Loan as required by this Agreement. The Borrower may without cost or penalty revoke a Loan Request by delivering notice thereof to each of the Banks no later than three (3) Business Days prior to the Drawdown Date. Each Loan Request shall be (a) for a Base Rate Loan in the minimum aggregate amount of $500,000 or an integral multiple of $100,000 in excess thereof, or (b) for a LIBOR Rate Loan in a minimum aggregate amount of $500,000.00 or an integral multiple of $100,000 in excess thereof; provided, however, that there shall be no more than ten (10) LIBOR Rate Loans outstanding at any one time.

  • Requests for Leave Except as provided under Section B.3., Family Care/Medical Leave Notification, requests for leaves of absence and extensions, with or without pay, shall be submitted in writing to the University. Such requests shall be submitted sufficiently in advance of the requested leave date to provide the University time to assess the operational impact of granting the request. All requests for leaves of absence shall contain the requested beginning and end date of the leave, and any additional information as required.

  • Requests for Extension The Company may, by notice to the Administrative Agent (who shall promptly notify the Revolving Credit Lenders) not earlier than the second anniversary of the Closing Date and not later than 35 days prior to the Maturity Date then in effect hereunder (the “Existing Maturity Date”), make a one-time request that each Revolving Credit Lender extend such Lender’s Maturity Date for an additional one year from the Existing Maturity Date, which such request shall indicate the date by which each Revolving Credit Lender shall respond to such request (which shall not be earlier than 30 days after the date the Administrative Agent is notified of such request) (such date, the “Notice Date”) and the date on which such extension shall be effective (which shall not be earlier than 35 days after the date the Administrative Agent is notified of such request, unless otherwise agreed by the Administrative Agent in its sole discretion) (such date, the “Effective Date”).