Independent Evaluator definition

Independent Evaluator means an evaluator registered with government, hired by DFCCIL, to provide inputs to the competent authority in arriving at the replacement cost of land
Independent Evaluator means a person that is contracted to conduct an annual evaluation of the performance outcome measures specified in the pay-for-success contract.
Independent Evaluator means the administrator of PECO Energy Company’s Default Service Program RFP.

Examples of Independent Evaluator in a sentence

  • The Commission will retain an Independent Evaluator to ensure that utility CEO estimates are accurate and consistent.

  • The Independent Evaluator incorporates feedback provided by192 parties and uses the same communication process to provide all parties with access to 193 final work plans via the SAG Facilitator and the SAG website.

  • Energy Division evaluated the Proposed PPA based on the following criteria:Consistency with D.10-12-035, which approved the QF/CHP Program Settlement, including:Consistency with GHG Counting RulesNeed for ProcurementCost ReasonablenessPublic SafetyProject ViabilityConsistency with the EPSConsistency with D.02-08-071 and D.07-12-052, which respectively require CAM Group participationThe analysis and recommendations of an Independent Evaluator, if available.

  • Independent Evaluator since inception of the energy efficiency standards in Illinois.

  • Please discuss Stakeholder and Commission Staff involvement with evaluation work 175 performed by the Independent Evaluator for PY 2018.

More Definitions of Independent Evaluator

Independent Evaluator means a licensed physician, psychiatric
Independent Evaluator means a person empowered, pursuant to Section 22.5 (Failure to Reach Agreement), Section 22.10 (Dispute) and Section 2(c) (Appointment of Independent Evaluator) of Attachment S (Quarterly Reporting and Dispute Resolution by Independent Evaluator) to this Agreement, to resolve (a) disputes due to failure of the Parties to agree on a Performance Standards Revision Document; and (b) disagreements due to failure of the Parties to resolve a Quarterly Report Disagreement.
Independent Evaluator means a licensed physician,
Independent Evaluator means the administrator of PECO Energy Company’s Default Service Program RFP for Full Requirements Products.
Independent Evaluator has the meaning set forth in CPUC Decision 00-00-000.
Independent Evaluator means a person who has expertise in the valu- ation of securities and other financial assets and who is not an interested per- son, as defined in section 2(a)(19) of the Act (15 U.S.C. 80a–2(a)(19)), of the Eligi- ble Unregistered Fund or any affiliate thereof except the Merging Company; and