Radio System Sample Clauses

Radio System. The active radio components of the System will be digital. The specified System will be approved by Texaco and will be engineered to availability specifications set forth in Schedule O. The System will comply with the performance criteria set forth in Schedule O. The typical engineering availability criteria which will be established for the Initial System and the Capacity Expansion will be for a digital microwave Segment (defined in Schedule B) which has less than two (2) minutes per annum of outage time, coupled with a continuous bit error rate not to exceed 10-13.
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Radio System. The combination of the SmartZone Regional Radio System and the Project 25 Regional Radio System;
Radio System. The (a) 800 MHz trunked radio system currently operated by Durham (currently consisting of four primary Simulcast tower sites, radio dispatch console equipment, limited use Mutual Aid repeaters, two mobile data stations and related operations); (b)
Radio System. A. Provide a radio in each Driver’s Cab, that enables clear and dependable two-way voice and data radio communication between Drivers, OCC and other Project Co personnel at all points along the LRT Corridor. The Driver’s Cab radios shall comply with Section 6-1.13 [Radio Systems] of this Schedule, and shall include necessary:
Radio System. 14.01 All calls and trips that would be dispatched by the dispatcher/supervisor(s) including parcels and/or deliveries originating at the Ottawa International Airport, and those fares placed through 523-1234 that originate from the surrounding buildings within the Parkway overpass, or any location in Ottawa, and having a destination in any municipality, shall be dispatched only to Ottawa licensed Airport taxicabs.
Radio System. All vehicles in SEPTA service will have radios installed by SEPTA. SEPTA is responsible for the provision of radio maintenance for all SEPTA-owned radios.
Radio System. The radio system provides secure voice and data communications to mobile systems, equipment, and users along the entire length and breadth of the Network, including tunnels and trenches. The Radio System is described in terms of three different radio subsystems which are for different purposes:
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Radio System. The two-way radio system will consist of an estimate of two repeaters and antennas, located strategically on-site, and approximately twenty five portable radios. Each portable radio would be supplied with a ni-cad battery. The radio system can be supplied with such features as privacy channels and telephone interconnect, which would allow radio users to patch into the telephone system or vice versa. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXHIBIT 1 - SCOPE OF WORK

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  • PFPC System PFPC shall retain title to and ownership of any and all data bases, computer programs, screen formats, report formats, interactive design techniques, derivative works, inventions, discoveries, patentable or copyrightable matters, concepts, expertise, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and other related legal rights utilized by PFPC in connection with the services provided by PFPC to the Fund.

  • ELECTRONIC WORKFLOW SYSTEM OGS reserves the right to incorporate an electronic workflow system that may include elements of the Authorized User RFQ process. OGS reserves the right to post Authorized User Contract usage of Centralized Contracts. TRAVEL, MEALS AND LODGING - LOT 4 – IMPLEMENTATION ONLY For Lot 4 only, when provided for in the RFQ and resultant Authorized User Agreement, the Authorized Users may reimburse travel expenses. All rules and regulations associated with this travel can be found at xxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xx.xx/agencies/travel/travel.htm. In no case will any travel reimbursement be charged that exceeds these rates. All travel will be paid only as specified within the Authorized User Agreement and must be billed with the associated services on the same Invoice with receipts attached. The Contractor shall receive prior approval from the Authorized User for any travel that occurs during the term of an Authorized User Agreement. Parking fees and/or parking tickets shall not be paid by an Authorized User. Unless otherwise specified in writing by the Authorized User, a vehicle will not be provided by Authorized User to the Contractor for travel. Therefore, the Contractor will be responsible for ensuring that the Contractor has access to an appropriate vehicle (e.g., personal vehicle or rental vehicle) or common carrier with which to carry out any necessary travel. For the Contractor to obtain reimbursement for the use of a rental vehicle, such use must be justified as the most cost- effective mode of transportation under the circumstances (including consideration of the most effective use of time). The Contractor is responsible for keeping adequate records to substantiate any claims for travel reimbursement. All services provided under the resultant Authorized User Agreement must be performed within CONUS. PERFORMANCE AND BID BONDS There are no BONDS for this Contract. However, an Authorized User may require in an RFQ a performance, payment or Bid bond, or negotiable irrevocable letter of credit or other form of security for the faithful performance for the resultant Authorized User Agreement. CONTRACTOR REQUIREMENTS AND PROCEDURES FOR PARTICIPATION BY NEW YORK STATE CERTIFIED MINORITY- AND WOMEN-OWNED BUSINESS ENTERPRISES AND EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES FOR MINORITY GROUP MEMBERS AND WOMEN I. New York State Law Pursuant to New York State Executive Law Article 15-A and Parts 140-145 of Title 5 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (“NYCRR”), the New York State Office of General Services (“OGS”) is required to promote opportunities for the maximum feasible participation of New York State-certified Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprises (“MWBEs”) and the employment of minority group members and women in the performance of OGS contracts.

  • Supported Wage System 52.1. This clause defines the conditions which will apply to employees who because of the effects of a disability are eligible for a supported wage under the terms of this Agreement. In the context of this clause, the following definitions will apply:

  • Internet Connection In order to ensure the proper functioning of the Production Monitor and the Consumption Monitor, if possible, you must provide the Solar System with continuous access to a functioning broadband internet connection with one (1) wired Ethernet port and standard electrical outlet, at your cost. If you are unable to provide the Solar System with an internet connection in accordance with the foregoing sentence, the Home must be located in an area with cellular service that is acceptable to us in our discretion.

  • Customer Equipment Customer represents and warrants that it owns or has the legal right and authority, and will continue to own or maintain the legal right and authority during the term of this Agreement, to place and use the Customer Equipment as contemplated by this Agreement. Customer further represents and warrants that its placement, arrangement, and use of the Customer Equipment in the Internet Data Centers complies with the Customer Equipment Manufacturer's environmental and other specifications.

  • Transport 6.1.1 BellSouth shall provide nondiscriminatory access, in accordance with FCC Rules 51.311, 51.319, and Section 251(c)(3) of the Act to interoffice transmission facilities described in this Section 6 on an unbundled basis to EZ Phone for the provision of a qualifying service, as set forth herein.

  • Evaluation Software If the Software is an evaluation version or is provided to You for evaluation purposes, then, unless otherwise approved in writing by an authorized representative of Licensor, Your license to use the Software is limited solely for internal evaluation purposes in non-production use and in accordance with the terms of the evaluation offering under which You received the Software, and expires 90 days from installation (or such other period as may be indicated within the Software). Upon expiration of the evaluation period, You must discontinue use of the Software, return to an original state any actions performed by the Software, and delete the Software entirely from Your system and You may not download the Software again unless approved in writing by an authorized representative of Licensor. The Software may contain an automatic disabling mechanism that prevents its use after a certain period of time. RESTRICTIONS

  • Weapons (1) If the Contractor requests that its personnel performing in the USCENTCOM AOR be authorized to carry weapons for individual self-defense, the request shall be made through the Contracting Officer to the Combatant Commander, in accordance with DoD Instruction 3020.41. The Combatant Commander will determine whether to authorize in-theater contractor personnel to carry weapons and what weapons and ammunition will be allowed.

  • GARBAGE DISPOSAL, RECYCLING, AND BIODEGRADABLE MATERIALS A. Concessionaire shall be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the Concession Premises. Concessionaire shall ensure placement of all garbage and trash generated by the Concession Operation in designated containers and that said containers are emptied daily, or as more frequently required by Department, at a location within the Area designated by Department. Disposal costs from this latter location shall be borne by Department. Concessionaire shall provide such additional trash containers as may be required to keep the immediate Concession Premises clean at all times. The type of trash containers provided by Concessionaire shall be approved by Department prior to use.

  • Television Equipment Recycling Program If this Contract is for the purchase or lease of covered television equipment, then Contractor certifies that it is compliance with Subchapter Z, Chapter 361 of the Texas Health and Safety Code related to the Television Equipment Recycling Program.

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