Fuel definition

Fuel means solid, liquid, or gaseous combustible material. Volatile organic compounds burned in destruction devices are not fuels unless they can sustain combustion without use of a pilot fuel, and such destruction does not result in a commercially useful end product.
Fuel means petroleum, crude oil, petroleum product, coal, natural gas, or any other substance used primarily for its energy content.
Fuel means coal, kerosene, oil, fuel gases, or other petroleum products or hydrocarbon products such as wood that emit carbon monoxide as a by-product of combustion.

Examples of Fuel in a sentence

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Fuel flow rate of each fuel and the heating values that were used in your calculations.

Beattie, Jeff, “Waste Control Specialists Sets 2020 Date to Open Spent Fuel Storage Facility,” IHS The Energy Daily, February 10, 2015, p.

Fuel sold for use in motorboats that are regularly employed in carrying persons for hire for sport fishing in and upon the outlying waters, as defined in sec.

To reset the switch, refer to the Fuel pump shut-off switch in the Roadside Emergencies chapter.

More Definitions of Fuel

Fuel means any combustible matter including, but not limited to coal, gas, oil, and refuse.
Fuel means any form of combustible matter--solid, liquid or gas, including combustible refuse.
Fuel means solid, liquid or gaseous combustible material.
Fuel means any solid, liquid or gaseous combustible material used to fire the combustion plant with the exception of waste covered by Council Directive 89/369/EEC of 8 June 1989 on the prevention of air pollution from new municipal waste incineration plants1(9), Council Directive 89/429/EEC of 21 June 1989 on the reduction of air pollution from existing municipal waste incineration plants2(10), and Council Directive 94/67/EC of 16 December 1994 concerning the incineration of hazardous waste3(11) or any subsequent Community act repealing and replacing one or more of these Directives;
Fuel means any solid, liquid or gaseous combustible material;
Fuel means a liquid source of energy for a residential dwelling, individual apartment unit, or condominium. “Fuel” includes propane, heating fuel, and kerosene. However, “fuel” does not include blended kerosene used as motor fuel or special fuel.
Fuel means any material which is burned for the purpose of producing energy.