Fuel definition

Fuel means solid, liquid, or gaseous combustible material. Volatile organic compounds burned in destruction devices are not fuels unless they can sustain combustion without use of a pilot fuel, and such destruction does not result in a commercially useful end product.
Fuel means any solid, liquid or gaseous combustible material;
Fuel means any form of combustible matter--solid, liquid or gas, including combustible refuse.

Examples of Fuel in a sentence

  • Per the bridgetender (718/254-8726), bridge openings are exclusively for recreation vessels since Bayside Fuel closed the Sackett Street terminal.

  • Fuel Allocation: Fuel allocations for the Contractor shall be based on the route mileage allocated by a standard mile per gallon consumption rate of 18 miles per gallon.

  • These parameters de- termine the minimum amount of time required between each task the agent performs.4) Fuel constraints: At a given time t, agent i has re- maining fuel mass, mi (t), and has nominal fuelits bundle, it enters its own index into the winning agent list, zij i, and its corresponding bid into the winning bids list, yij Sj(i, tij).

  • Key OMP subsidiaries that are part of the Acquisition include, Oando Ghana Limited, Oando Togo SA, and Clean Cooking Fuel Investments Ltd.

  • The Fuel tank shall be bolted into the frame after the frame and structure is galvanised and painted.

More Definitions of Fuel

Fuel means any gasoline, distillate, benzine, naphtha, benzol, or other volatile and inflammable liquid produced, compounded, and used for propelling aircraft.
Fuel means alcohol, gasoline, naptha, diesel fuel, fuel oil or any other ignitable substance intended for use as a fuel;
Fuel means gasoline and diesel fuel that is subject to tax under this act, collectively, except when gasoline or diesel fuel is referred to separately.
Fuel means solid, liquid or gaseous combustible material.
Fuel means any solid, liquid or gaseous combustible material used to fire the combustion plant with the exception of waste covered by Council Directive 89/369/EEC of 8 June 1989 on the prevention of air pollution from new municipal waste incineration plants1(9), Council Directive 89/429/EEC of 21 June 1989 on the reduction of air pollution from existing municipal waste incineration plants2(10), and Council Directive 94/67/EC of 16 December 1994 concerning the incineration of hazardous waste3(11) or any subsequent Community act repealing and replacing one or more of these Directives;
Fuel means any combustible matter including, but not limited to coal, gas, oil, and refuse.
Fuel means all gasoline, gasoline-alcohol mixtures or blends, diesel, kerosene or petroleum derivatives, having a true vapor pressure within the range of 1.5 to eleven pounds per square in absolute (psia) (10.3 to 75.6) for use in internal combustion engines or aircraft.