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Systems means the natural gas, liquefied natural gas, natural gas liquid, crude oil, and other pipelines, lateral lines, pumps, pump stations, storage facilities, terminals, processing plants and other related operations, assets, machinery and equipment that are owned by the Partnership or any of its Subsidiaries and used for the conduct of the business of the Partnership or any of its Subsidiaries as presently conducted.
Systems means servers, hardware systems, databases, circuits, networks and other computer and telecommunications assets and equipment.
Systems means Buyer’s or Buyer’s Customer’s computer based information systems, computer systems, databases and/or files.

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Education: A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or other related scientific or technical discipline or three years of equivalent experience in a related field.

Operation and Certification of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, 81 Fed.

Anaerobic Digestions and Biogas Systems 3.1 Basics of Anaerobic DigestionAnaerobic digestion (AD) is a biological process that involves the breakdown of organic waste materials by bacteria in the absence of oxygen.

Systems, machines and equipment that could present a risk to life or prop- erty.

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Systems means any of the Products, systems of distribution for Products and Product manufacturing systems that consist of or include any computer software, computer firmware, computer hardware (whether general or special purpose), documentation, data, and other similar or related items of the automated, computerized, and/or software systems that are provided by or through Supplier or utilized to manufacture or distribute the Products provided by or through Supplier pursuant to this Agreement, or any component part thereof, and any services provided by or through Supplier in connection therewith.
Systems means software, servers, sites, circuits, networks, interfaces, platforms, computers, hardware, databases, cable, networking, call centers, equipment and all other technology or infrastructure assets or services.
Systems means the [identify/describe System(s)], including any underlying or related platforms and infrastructure, and related Deliverables, as may be further defined and described in the RFP, Proposal, Special Terms and Conditions attached hereto and labeled “Application Services/System(s) Description and related Fees,” and related Purchasing Instruments, including any initial Purchasing Instruments of or related to the implementation or configuration of the Application Services, System(s), or related Deliverables for the Agency’s specific needs or use.
Systems means, in relation to any Person, any of the hardware, software, databases or embedded control systems thereof.
Systems means all information technology networks, systems, devices and other equipment owned or otherwise within the possession or control of the Company and its Subsidiaries.
Systems means collectively the University Human Resources System that is in effect from time to time.
Systems means any of the hardware, firmware or software systems associated with information processing and delivery, operations or services (e.g., security and alarms, elevators, communications, and HVAC) operated by, provided to or otherwise reasonably necessary to the business or operations of Company and its Subsidiaries.