Purchases and Redemptions Sample Clauses

Purchases and Redemptions. 1. Conversion of monies to Federal funds
Purchases and Redemptions. If at any time the Issuer shall propose to purchase or redeem any shares of its Common Stock for cash, evidence of indebtedness or other property of any nature whatsoever, the Issuer shall deliver to each Holder of Warrants or shares of Warrant Stock a notice of such proposed purchase or redemption, and each such Holder shall, at its option, have the right to require the Issuer to at the same time Bechtel Warrant Agreement purchase or redeem Warrants and shares of Warrant Stock owned by such holder, pro-rata based on the number of shares of such other Common Stock to be so purchased or redeemed, on the same terms and conditions as the proposed purchase or redemption of such other Common Stock and for the same consideration per Warrant or share of Warrant Stock, as the case may be, as is paid to the Holders of such other Common Stock for each share of Common Stock so redeemed or purchased, minus, in the case of Warrants, the exercise price of the Warrants to be so purchased or redeemed.
Purchases and Redemptions. All orders for the purchase of any fund shares shall be executed at the then current net asset value per share and all orders for the redemption of any fund shares shall be executed at the then current net asset value per share, in each case as described in the Prospectus of the Fund. The minimum initial purchase order and minimum subsequent purchase order by any person shall be as set forth in the Prospectus of the Fund. All orders are subject to acceptance or rejection by the Trust at its sole discretion. Unless otherwise mutually agreed to in writing, each transaction shall be promptly confirmed in writing to the customer on a fully disclosed basis and a copy of each confirmation shall be sent simultaneously to Broker-Dealer. Broker-Dealer agrees that upon receipt of duplicate confirmations Broker-Dealer will examine the same and promptly notify the Trust of any errors or discrepancies that Broker-Dealer discovers. Broker-Dealer shall promptly bring to the attention of the Trust any errors in such confirmations claimed by Broker-Dealer's customers. The Trust reserves the right, at its discretion and without notice, to suspend the sale of shares or withdraw entirely the sale of shares of the Fund.
Purchases and Redemptions. 1. Timely Pricing and Orders. The Fund or its designated agent will use all commercially reasonable efforts to provide to USAA Life the closing net asset value and any dividend and capital gain information for the Portfolio by 5:15 p.m., Central time on each Business Day. "
Purchases and Redemptions. 1. Conversion of monies to Federal funds Annual Fee
Purchases and Redemptions. All purchases and redemptions of Fund shares contemplated by this Agreement shall be effected in accordance with the Fund's then-current prospectus.
Purchases and Redemptions. The Trust agrees to sell to the
Purchases and Redemptions. 17 SECTION 5.02. Subdivisions and Combinations........................17 SECTION 5.03. Issuance of Common Stock.............................17 SECTION 5.04. Issuance of Other Securities, Rights or Obligations..18 SECTION 5.05.
Purchases and Redemptions. The Trust agrees to sell to the Administrator those shares of the Funds which the Administrator orders on behalf of any Separate Account, executing such orders on a daily basis at the net asset value next computed after receipt and acceptance by the Fund or its designee of such order. Receipt by such designee shall constitute receipt by the Fund; provided that the Fund receives notice of such order via the National Securities Clearing Corporation (the "NSCC") by 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time on the next following Business Day. The Fund will receive all orders to purchase Fund shares using the NSCC's Defined Contribution Clearance & Settlement ("DCC&S") platform. The Fund will also provide the Administrator with account positions and activity data using the NSCC's Networking platform. The Administrator shall pay for Fund shares by the scheduled close of federal funds transmissions on the same Business Day it places an order to purchase Fund shares in accordance with this section using the NSCC's Fund/SERV System. Payment shall be in federal funds transmitted by wire from the Fund's designated Settling Bank to the NSCC. "BUSINESS DAY" shall any day on which the New York Stock Exchange is open for trading and on which the Fund calculates it net asset value pursuant to the rules of the