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Miscellaneous Sections 

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  • Miscellaneous Leave Leave with or without pay may be granted for the following purposes subject to the criteria set out below being met:

  • MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS Borrower shall deliver to Lender such other items, documents and evidences pertaining to the Line of Credit as may reasonably be requested by Lender.

  • Miscellaneous Leaves L31.1 Application for Miscellaneous Leave shall be made to the Executive Superintendent of Employee Services or designate. The Teacher shall notify the principal at the time the application is made and whenever possible shall make the application at least five days prior to the day for which the leave is requested.

  • Miscellaneous Services INSURER shall provide such other administrative support to the Fund as mutually agreed between INSURER and AIM or the Fund from time to time. INSURER shall, from time to time, relieve the Fund of other usual or incidental administration services of the type ordinarily borne by mutual funds that offer shares to individual members of the general public.

  • Miscellaneous Provisions Section 11.01

  • MISCELLANEOUS BENEFITS This Agreement is not intended, and shall not be deemed to be in lieu of any rights, benefits, and privileges to which Employee may be entitled as an Employee of Bank under any retirement, pension, profit sharing, insurance, hospital, bonus, vacation, or other plan or plans which may now be in effect or which may hereafter be adopted by Bank, it being understood that Employee shall have the same rights and privileges to participate in such plans and benefits, as any other employee, during the period of his employment.

  • Miscellaneous Terms The term "or" is disjunctive; the term "and" is conjunctive. The term "shall" is mandatory; the term "may" is permissive. Masculine terms also apply to females; feminine terms also apply to males. The term "including" is by way of example and not limitation.

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