Name and Position Sample Clauses

Name and Position. Executed by Total Forms Pty Limited ACN 003 374 794 in accordance with section 127 of the Corporations Xxx 0000 (Cth) by: ) ) ) ........................................................
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Name and Position. .. NOTE Two copies of this agreement are enclosed; one should be signed and returned to the Chaffcombe Village Hall representative below; the other copy should be retained for the Hirers records. Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Booking Secretary Chaffcombe Village Hall 3 Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx, XX00 0XX
Name and Position. Copy to be given to employee** Salary as at Salary from Salary from Salary from 30/06/2010 1/07/2010 30/06/2011 30/06/2012 4% 4% 4% Level 1 38738 40288 41899 43575 39501 41081 42724 44433 40720 42349 44043 45804 41865 43540 45281 47092 43008 44728 46517 48378 43996 45756 47586 49490 Level 2 45154 46960 48839 50792 46298 48150 50076 52079 47440 49338 51311 53364 48583 50526 52547 54649 Level 3 49727 51716 53785 55936 50870 52905 55021 57222 52013 54094 56257 58508 53158 55284 57496 59796 Level 4 54297 56469 58728 61077 55441 57659 59965 62364 56584 58847 61201 63649 57728 60037 62439 64936 Level 5 58870 61225 63674 66221 59859 62253 64743 67333 61268 63719 66267 68918 Level 6 62908 65424 68041 70763 64810 67402 70098 72902 66718 69387 72162 75049 Level 7 68623 71368 74223 77192 70527 73348 76282 79333 72432 75329 78342 81476 Level 8 74719 77708 80816 84049 77004 80084 83288 86619 79291 82463 85761 89192
Name and Position. Government Procurement Division b/p Secretary General of Treasury xxx Chairman of MIEC ATTACHMENT 8

Related to Name and Position

  • New Position An approved position not reflected in the current year budget complement.

  • Queue Position The order of a valid Interconnection Application, relative to all other pending valid Interconnection Applications, that is established based upon the date- and time- of receipt of the complete Interconnection Application as described in Section 4.7 of the Overview ProcessError! Reference source not found.. Reasonable Efforts – With respect to an action required to be attempted or taken by a Party under these procedures, efforts that are timely and consistent with Good Utility Practice and are otherwise substantially equivalent to those a Party would use to protect its own interests. Reference Point of Applicability – The location, either the Point of Common Coupling or the Point of DER Connection, where the interconnection and interoperability performance requirements specified in IEEE 1547 apply. With mutual agreement, the Area EPS Operator and Customer may determine a point between the Point of Common Coupling and Point of DER Connection. See Minnesota Technical Requirements for more information. Simplified Process – The procedure for evaluating an Interconnection Application for a certified inverter-based DER no larger than 20 kW that uses the screens described in the Interconnection Process – Simplified Process document. The Simplified Process includes simplified procedures.

  • Staffing Levels to deal with Potential Violence The Employer agrees that, where there is a risk of violence, an adequate level of trained employees should be present. The Employer recognizes that workloads can lead to fatigue and a diminished ability both to identify and to subsequently deal with potentially violent situations.

  • What Will Happen After We Receive Your Letter When we receive your letter, we must do two things:

  • New Positions A. Each newly created position shall be assigned by the Employer to the national craft unit most appropriate for such position within thirty (30) days after its creation. Before such assignment of each new position the Employer shall consult with the Union for the purpose of assigning the new position to the national craft unit most appropriate for such position. The following criteria shall be used in making this determination:

  • Evaluation Cycle: Annual Orientation A) At the start of each school year, the superintendent, principal or designee shall conduct a meeting for Educators and Evaluators focused substantially on educator evaluation. The superintendent, principal or designee shall:

  • Kindergarten The class size shall not exceed twenty-five (25). However, if additional students are added to a kindergarten class one (1) hour of aide time shall be allocated to that class for each additional student. In no instance shall kindergarten class size exceed twenty-six (26). Additional students coming into a class following March 1 of the school year shall not count in computing the kindergarten class load.

  • RETURN TO PREVIOUS POSITION A promoted employee who is dismissed during his probationary period, except if the cause warrants action to dismiss him from the County Service, shall return to the position in which he held permanent status, if vacant, or any other vacant position in his former classification unless all positions in that classification are filled. The employee so dismissed may write a letter for inclusion in his permanent personnel file. Upon a return to his former position in the same agency or department, the employee shall not serve a new probationary period. In the absence of such vacancy in the agency or department in which he held permanent status, the dismissed probationary employee may either:

  • Return to Position Upon return from FMLA leave, the employee shall be returned to the same or equivalent position in the same class and work location, including the same shift or equivalent schedule, unless the University and the employee agree in writing to other conditions and terms under which such leave is to be granted.

  • New Member Orientation The Employer will notify the Union of any newly represented temporary employees. The Union will be given the opportunity to have a Union representative speak with the newly represented temporary employees for not more than thirty (30) minutes to provide information about the Union and this Agreement.

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