Purchase Contracts Sample Clauses

Purchase Contracts. If Security Certificates evidencing more than one Purchase Contract shall be surrendered for settlement at one time by the same Holder, the number of full shares of Common Stock which shall be delivered upon settlement shall be computed on the basis of the aggregate number of Purchase Contracts evidenced by the Security Certificates so surrendered. Instead of any fractional share of Common Stock which would otherwise be deliverable upon settlement of any Purchase Contracts on the Final Settlement Date or upon Early Settlement, the Company, through the Agent, shall make a cash payment in respect of such fractional interest in an amount equal to the value of such fractional shares at the Closing Price per share on the Trading Day immediately preceding the Final Settlement Date or the related Early Settlement Date, respectively. The Company shall provide the Agent from time to time with sufficient funds to permit the Agent to make all cash payments required by this Section 510 in a timely manner.
Purchase Contracts. The ESC shall not be a party to any contracts made by the Member for the purchase of goods or services with any vendor procured by the ESC.
Purchase Contracts. If a Tax Event Redemption Date, a Successful Initial Remarketing or a Successful Secondary Remarketing has occurred, Income Equity Units Holders may only effect Early Settlement pursuant to this Section 5.04(b)(2) in multiples of 20,000 Purchase Contracts. Other than the provisions relating to timing of notice and settlement, which shall be as set forth above, the provisions of Section 5.01(a) shall apply with respect to an Early Settlement following a Cash Merger pursuant to this Section 5.04(b)(2). Notwithstanding the foregoing, no Early Settlement will be permitted pursuant to this Section 5.04(b)(2) unless, at the time such Early Settlement is effected, there is an effective Registration Statement with respect to any securities to be issued and delivered in connection with such Early Settlement, if such a Registration Statement is required (in the view of counsel, which need not be in the form of a written opinion, for the Company) under the Securities Act. If such a Registration Statement is so required, the Company covenants and agrees to use its commercially reasonable efforts to (A) have in effect a Registration Statement covering any securities to be delivered in respect of the Purchase Contracts being settled and (B) provide a Prospectus in connection therewith, in each case in a form that may be used in connection with such Early Settlement.
Purchase Contracts. 3.1 Agreements between BP and IDT or between BPCNA and IDT.
Purchase Contracts. All of Seller's rights in and to contracts made or orders given by Seller relating to the purchase of materials, parts, supplies and commodities for use in the Machined Fluid Valve Business (the "Purchase Contracts") listed in Schedule 1.2.5.
Purchase Contracts. All purchase orders and other Contracts for the purchase by Seller of goods, materials and/or services that relate to, in whole or in part, other Assets or are used or held for use in, or relate to, in whole or in part, the Seller Business (collectively, the “Purchase Contracts”);
Purchase Contracts. Upon acceptance or deemed acceptance by Sony DADC of a Purchase Order, a Purchase Contract shall thereupon exist upon the terms of this Agreement and subject thereto upon the details of that Purchase Order specified pursuant to clause 4.1; each such Purchase Contract shall be a separate contract from this Agreement and from each other Purchase Contract
Purchase Contracts. Prior to the date hereof, Cedar has delivered to Homburg, copies of the Purchase Contracts, which are true, correct and complete in all material respects. As of the date hereof, none of the Purchase Contracts has been modified, amended, supplemented, canceled or terminated except as otherwise provided herein. Cedar has not heretofore assigned or in any manner encumbered or otherwise transferred its interests in any Purchase Contract to any other person or entity. To the knowledge of Cedar, as of the date of this Agreement (x) the Purchase Contracts are in full force and effect, (y) Cedar has not given or received written notice to or from the seller under any Purchase Contract of any uncured default of any material obligations thereunder and (z) each of the representations and warranties made by the applicable seller under each Purchase Contract is true and correct in all material respects.
Purchase Contracts. 1. Contract, dated April 28, 2005, between the NJPV and Xxxx & Xxx XX, regarding SiNA Antireflective Coating Equipment for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells
Purchase Contracts the legally binding written contracts executed by the Supplier and the Customer on the basis of this Agreement and in accordance with the results of discussions, where a Framework Agreement has not been executed.