Written Opinion Sample Clauses

Written Opinion. The arbitrators shall render a written reasoned opinion regarding their decision (the “Final Arbitration Decision”) with respect to the applicable Disbursement Claims as soon as practicable after conclusion of the arbitration hearing, but in no event later than five (5) business days after conclusion of the arbitration hearing. The Final Arbitration Decision shall be limited to whether or not Landlord breached its obligation to fund any Construction Payments that are the subject of the Disbursement Claims and any resulting damages, including reimbursement of attorneys’ fees, awarded by the arbitrators to the prevailing party; provided that, in rendering such Final Arbitration Decision, the arbitrators shall take into account the remedies afforded to each party in the event of a default by the other party under the Lease so as to avoid either party having the right to recover amounts, directly or indirectly, in excess of the total damages awarded to such party pursuant to the Final Arbitration Decision, including, without limitation, any adjustment to Base Rent (as defined in the Lease) pursuant to Section 5.2.3 of the Lease. Any such Construction Payment amounts required by be funded by Landlord pursuant to the Final Arbitration Decision are referred to in the Lease as “Required Arbitration Construction Payments.” Furthermore, the parties acknowledge and agree that the Final Arbitration Decision shall not be deemed or construed so as to imply that Landlord has granted its consent, approval or authorization to the construction of any Improvements under this Agreement or the Lease or to any other matters requiring Landlord’s consent.
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Written Opinion. The arbitration award shall be based on and accompanied by a signed, written opinion containing findings of fact and conclusions of law. Any arbitrator dissenting from an award or portion thereof shall issue a dissent stating the reasons for the dissent. The results of the arbitration, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, are confidential and may not be reported by any news agency or legal publisher or service.
Written Opinion. Any award or portion thereof, whether preliminary or final, shall be in a written opinion containing findings of fact and conclusions of law signed by each arbitrator. The arbitrator dissenting from an award or portion thereof shall issue a dissent from the award or portion thereof in writing, stating the reasons for his dissent.
Written Opinion. The arbitrator shall not be required to render a written, reasoned opinion with respect to the award unless either party requests otherwise, provided that the requesting party pays all fees and expenses of the arbitrator in connection with such opinion. Non-appealable, final judgment upon the arbitrator's decision may be entered by any court having jurisdiction thereof, and the parties consent to jurisdiction in the federal and state courts located in the County of Clark, State of Nevada for this purpose. The provisions of this Articxx 00 may be enforced by any court of competent jurisdiction.
Written Opinion. The Written Opinion is a non-binding opinion as to novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability. No “rejections” are made, and the examiner may suggest amendments.
Written Opinion. The Arbitrator shall furnish a written opinion specifying the reasons for his/her decision. The decision of the Arbitrator, if within the scope of his/her authority and power within this Agreement, shall be final and binding upon the Union and the Hospital and the aggrieved employee who initiated the Grievance.
Written Opinion. The Arbitrator shall issue a written statement of decision, which shall be final and binding upon the parties.
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Written Opinion. Any award or portion of an award, whether final, will be in a writing signed by the arbitrator and will state the reasons upon which the award or portion of the award is based.
Written Opinion. The arbitrators shall, on the request of either Seller or Purchaser, issue a written opinion of their findings of fact and conclusions of law. On receipt by the requesting party of this written opinion, the party shall have the right to file with the arbitrators a motion to reconsider, and the arbitrators shall then reconsider the issues raised by the motion and either confirm or change their majority decision, which shall then be final and conclusive on the parties.
Written Opinion. If requested by the General Partner, providing, the Partnership with a written opinion of counsel acceptable to the General Partner that the proposed Transfer will not:
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