Pupil Premium Sample Clauses

Pupil Premium. 2.13 For all of its Academies eligible for Pupil Premium, and for each Financial Year, the Academy Trust must publish, on the Academy’s website, information about:
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Pupil Premium. 33B The Academy Trust shall publish in each Academy Financial Year information in relation to:
Pupil Premium. Schools may use pupil premium for eligible students and Solihull Music will charge schools for lessons at the end of each term. School will apply for pupil premium lessons via the speed admin portal.
Pupil Premium. 4.2. In the provision of the Products detailed in 4.1, Edukey agrees to:
Pupil Premium. Our school receives extra funding through the Pupil Premium grant for some groups of children, including: Children who would be eligible for free school meals before the introduction of this new initiative Children adopted from care, those who left care to Special Guardianship Orders or who left care to Residence Orders. For each of these pupils, the school receives up to £1,200 each year. This money is used to help these groups of children achieve their best potential by funding equipment, support groups, and additional staff and resources. This can make a real difference to the progress and achievement of these children. You can see how we have used our Pupil Premium on our school website. If you have any questions, or would like help filling out this form, please contact the school office. To ensure that we are able to claim all Pupil Premium funding we are eligible for, we are asking all parents / carers to complete the attached form. We can assure parents and carers that all matters linked to this will be treated with discretion and in confidence. For children adopted from care, we would like to assure you that the family legal status of every child is a confidential matter and we handle all information received with great sensitivity. If your child comes under this category we will need a letter from you and you should also provide supporting evidence, for example, the Adoption (Court) Order for the school to record the child’s status on the School Census. Please speak to the Principal in confidence if you have any concerns about this. Both of these types of funding for the school enable us to attract significant sums of money which we can use to support the progress of a pupil who may previously have experienced barriers to being really successful in school.

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  • Shift Premium Effective July 1, 2020, an employee shall be paid a shift premium of ninety-five cents (95c/ ) per hour for each hour worked between 1500 hours and 0700 hours provided that such hours exceed two (2) hours if worked in conjunction with the day shift.

  • Overtime and Premium Pay Section 1. Overtime at the rate of one and one-half (1 1/2) times an employee's regular straight time hourly rate of pay shall be paid for all work over forty (40) hours in one (1) week.

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